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Raising the profile of your listing and yourself – online

With ever more people turning everyday to the web for information on all real estate matters it is not surprising that the smarter agents are focusing more and more of their marketing dollars to online campaigns.

The feedback we are constantly getting is something we want to share to help you build your real estate career and business:

“I absolutely believe in the benefits of your feature listings and have brought that to the attention of all sales people at Harcourts Takapuna at our last 2 sales meetings” – Chris Baker, Harcourts Takapuna

“The feature property option will be something we will be gradually building into our standard budgets …. I know with the growth of internet (approx 30% of our open home attendees see the property first on a website) it will eventually become the most important medium for our advertising dollar” – Diana Buczkowski – Barfoot & Thompson Epsom

Featured Listings are being used more and more as a tried and tested means of profiling a property in the lead up to a tender, auction or deadline treaty. These 2 week bursts of high profiling advertising certainly hit the spot with vendors – visitors to these listings see a 500% plus lift often exceeding 10 times the normal traffic.

For just $250 (inc GST) your listing will be featured exclusively as one of 3 per suburb for 14 days during which time it will also be featured on the home and region pages of the site in rotation. To order your featured listing on behalf of your client give our Auckland based team a call on 0800 732 536 or email us at

To assist in presenting this great offer to your clients as vendor paid marketing this sales leaflet helps present and communicate the benefits – download a copy and try it at your next listing presentation.

Click here to dowload this sales flyer (1.1MB pdf)

Featured Agent Advertising

The next series of featured agent advertising months have now been opened up so you can go online and purchase the featured agent advertising for your selected suburbs for the next 4 months – December / January / February / March.
These adverts are proving incredibly popular, with close to 800 indiviudal agents across the country with many suburbs fully subscribed and many agents encouraged by the response these adverts bring in raising their profile in the local market and soliciting new enquiries for property listings.

The price for these advert remains at the current rate across the different categories of business we feature on the website.

To buy a personal profile advert for your chosen suburb all you need to do is login to our Agent Pro website at (don’t forget this link is at the bottom of every page on the website) – sign up if you have not already done so, then choose your desired suburb, check that the month you want is available and then buy online with a valid credit card.

The website attracts over 25,000 unique visitors every day and this is a great opportunity to promote yourself to this audience who could be looking to list with an agent like you!

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Social Media – Buzz Word of the Decade!!

Yes it is true! – social media is here to stay and personally I believe the impact on the real estate industry has only really begin to be felt.

Social media is not a technology matter it is entirely a social matter, it is abut what we all do everyday – communicate as we are social creatures. All social media does is allow through the application of technology the ability for us communicate with more people more efficiently and do it whilst leaving a very clear path and readable footprints which can assist us all in building credibility, respect and importantly referrals.

Don’t just take my word for it though – read the thoughts and ideas of Stefan Swanepoel. Stefan is a leading researcher, analyst and writer on all matters concerning real estate. He has just completed a new book aptly titled “Social media report 2010”.

The book is published in early October and whilst I have not as yet had the opportunity to read it, given Stefan’s pedigree of annual Trends reports I would have to heartily recommend this book.

I have got my order in – why don’t you take advantage of this earlybird offer. The retail price is US$79.95 + shipping and handling.

If you order online now and use the promo code: Friends you can get a 46% discount – you will pay just US$43.05 + shipping and handling.

Here is the synopsis of the book by Stefan:

Communication, collaboration, networking, marketing, sales – as we knew it a decade ago, heck even as we knew it last year, will never be the same again.

Our lives are being radically and exponentially changed by Social Media and Social Networking.

This shift is not happening like many of the business trends detailed in my annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report over a 5 to 10 year period, but rather in an accelerated time frame – probably two to three times as fast.

Many traditional forms of media we have been using for decades are being eclipsed with growth, membership numbers and adoption rates that we have never experienced before.

Consumers no longer want or trust advertising to the same levels as a decade ago. Today they want to talk to other consumers directly, create a discussion and validate for themselves what they want or believe.

If you feel confused as to what this means for real estate agents, don’t worry you’re not alone. I have literally received hundreds and hundreds of emails, posts, facebook comments and tweets about Social Media and what it could mean to the Real Estate Industry.

Therefore I have decided to write another report (similar to my annual Swanepoel TRENDS Report) but to dedicate the entire 120 pages of this report to only addressing Social Media and Social Networking.

Here are some of the items the Report covers:
• Where to Start with Social Media?
• Finding your Target Market Online
• Social Media Rules of Engagement
• Best Practices and Tactics
• Finding Social Balance Online
• Top 25 Social Media Networks
• How to Manage your Time?
• Finding Social Media ROI

We have even added a special 10 Day step-by-step Action Plan for Realtors®.

Mel (my co-author) and I have finished our research and writing and the Report has gone to print. It will be ready for distribution on Monday October 5th, 2009.

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Featured listings – Special offer for Christmas

Great news there is only 133 days to Christmas! With that in mind we thought we would beat everybody by offering you an early Christmas present!

We want you to get on board and offer your clients the most cost effective vendor paid marketing on the market today – Featured listings

For just $250 (inc GST) you can be one of only 3 exclusive listings featured on each suburb, additionally these feature properties are showcased on the home page. As we have reported in the past these featured listings generate over a 10 fold increase in viewings. So if you normally get 9 views a day – be ready to see over 90 people per day viewing your property. As the examples show in this sales leaflet performance can be of the order of 17 times the traffic – over 4,000 viewings over a 2 week period.

So to help you and encourage you we are offering a “free” Apple iPod shuffle to any agent that purchases and pays for 5 featured listings between now and Christmas. In addition a further draw will be made for a special prize from amongst those that receive their iPod. So I suggest that you get busy and get those featured listings booked up now. To order just call our support team on 0800 732 536.

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Impactful property advertising

Often we are asked to provide examples of the performance of our featured listings service – and each time we take people through the case studies they are blown away that we can achieve such massive quality visitor traffic.

Our original “side by side” comparison from January still holds true – 17 times the traffic.

How about this example of a multiple listing situation. Think how you can demonstrate to an owner that you are the best agent to have a sole agency – use a featured listing as below:

This property was listed on the website on the same day by 4 different agents.

Only one of them chose to market with a featured listing – they have had 2,522 views to date with a 14 day period with the bulk of the views.

The other agents have had between 83 and 360 views – an average of just 185 views. That is over 13 times the number of views by featuring.

Don’t forget that an advert of this effectiveness costs only $250 (inc GST) for a 14 day period – on the home page and suburb page of the website – to order your “vendor paid marketing” call the team on 0800 732 536. Click here to download a sales leaflet to assist in securing vendor paid marketing.

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Website Business Report – March 2009

The real estate market enjoyed a strong performance in March with total sales of 6,694 a 29% increase over March 2008 – certainly not of the volumes seen during the heady days of 2005 -2007, but certainly enough to stimulate some optimism that we could be past the bottom in terms of sales volumes.

In the online world the level of activity continues to grow and grow. The latest statistics from research in the USA for the latter half of 2008 shows that 94% of all property buyers aged 25 to 44 used the web as part of the buying process! The update for the NZ data will be released in late June of this year and is likely to show similar high levels.

In terms of visitor numbers for the period covering February and March total visitor sessions across all real estate websites (as measured by Nielsen) consistently exceeded 1 million per week, up 21% on the prior year. continues to outperform the market with a significant 377,939 Unique Browsers in March an increase of 42%; more than twice that of our competitor and over 4 times the market growth.

The full report can be downloaded here

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How to attract more interest in your client’s property

With over 114,000 listings on the website at this time of which 80,000 are residential properties it is ever more important to find ways to capture prospective buyer interest – featured listings are the most cost effective way.

Think how much on average you recommend a client spends on vendor paid marketing – $500, $1,0000 or even more? – what do you and your client actually get for your money. A quarter page ad perhaps – here today and gone tomorrow, buried in the middle of pages and pages of newsprint!

For just $250 you can get 14 days of high visibility on this website – with standout results.

Check out this latest real example where we have analysed 2 very similar properties last month.

Same suburb, same style, same price range, same price marketing and listed on the same day in November. The property with a featured listing for 2 weeks in January received 4,114 views in the month, the other just 232 views – that is a stunning 17 times more viewings. We guarantee in our sales leaflet 10 times the viewings!

Normally this featured listing costs $795, but we have a summer promotion on until the end of March where for this offer price of $250 you get the most powerful form of marketing – real viewers reading and reviewing your listing. Here is the sales leaflet with details of how to order.

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Make the best presentation of your listing on the web

It is no longer adequate to simply upload a handful of photos and craft a couple of sentences to make a listing on the web. You need to design and craft a listing with far more care and consideration than a magazine advert. For whilst it may not costs anything like the expenditure of a full page advert – a web listing will deliver far more enquiries and leads. Here are a couple of key pointers:

  1. Photos are the most important part of a listing – the more you have and the better their quality, the better your listing will look to prospective buyers and the more time they will spend looking at your listing – remember there is no restriction on our site – upload as many photos as you like, we commonly now have listings with between 30 and 40 photos
  2. Write a detailed description of the property – don’t abbreviate. The more information you provide the better the level of enquiry and the more you will be respected for providing rich valuable information
  3. Provide the address of the property – people expect it; and if you don’t provide it they will find it out. An address help buyer better understand the property, and with the benefits of Google maps on the site they gain an instant presentation of where the property is
  4. Be clear in the price expectation – we have made a major change to our site to allow you to be more accurate by adding text and prices to all listings. Have a read of this summary of this change in listing price presentation
  5. Promote your listing with a special featured listing – generate over 10 times the traffic of a standard listing – we have a new year special for you – check out a great way to start the new year – just $250 for 14 days of powerful promotion guaranteed to give you stand-out and over 10 times the views of an ordinary listing!

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Step up and build your skills

The recent presentations that we made around the country focused on the need to build your skills in real estate marketing and online marketing. As was identified by Stefan Swanepoel earlier this year, there is an emerging new breed of real estate agents – skilled in managing information and negotiation, as this quote from Stefan’s book so rightly puts it

“Agents are no longer order takers and are looking to acquire skills to build their business” – Bill Shue, President, RealtyU

To assist this future trend I wanted to highlight the training services that the REINZ is providing for all professionals in this industry. They have a special offer on at the moment for on-the-job training at amazing prices (50% off the regular price) for a short time. Have a read of the details on the REINZ website.

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Dominate your marketplace with a featured listing

This is a tough market with as likely-as-not, a lot of very demanding vendors and a scarcity of buyers. What you need is help to sell those listings – what you need is a competitive advantage to get more prospective buyers to see your listings and really consider buying that property – we are here to help you.
We have featured listings – as we have said in the past these high profile adverts drive over 10 times the traffic as compared to a standard listing. But you may not know that they also enable you to completely dominate the local suburb search. Look at this example to see how this works.

This property was listed at the start of September with a 4 week campaign leading up to the auction on the 1st October.

For the 2 weeks in the middle of the month the property was bought as a featured listing on this website by the agent. The result was an enormous spike in visitors the listing! – during the month of September total viewings amounted to over 4,400 with 4,250 of those viewings during the period of the promotion, on one day total views exceeded 900 – so in this situation featured listing drove traffic not 10 times – but over 28 times!
Not only that but during the weeks when this property was advertised as a featured listing it completely dominated the suburb viewings. At that time there were 18 properties in the same price range in the same suburb. In each of the 2 weeks of the featured listing campaign on the website this property had over 70% of all the viewings of that suburb for that price range! – 7 out of every 10 people looking at Cashmere Hills property with a budget of between $700k and $1.3m looked at this listing.

So – you may well ask – what happened at the auction last week – did it sell?

Well it did not sell. But the fact is is a marketing tool – it does not sell properties – that requires your skill and expertise matched to the market, and just as magazines don’t sell properties, what we do is provide a very powerful marketing tool for your listing. You may also be interested to know that this property received over 28 emails from this website during the campaign, many from overseas.

Featured listings work! – every week more and more agents are choosing them over traditional newspaper ads and reaping the rewards. Normally priced at $795 for 14 days – we have a special promotion until the end of the year – just $295 or for $395 with a free “Website Telly” video presentation. Give us a call on 0800 732 536 to check out the availability in your suburb!

Check out the quality of these Website Telly videos by viewing the video on this listing – the professional voice over and music enhance the existing photos to really sell this property – this video has been viewed over 900 times so far – how would you like a 30 second TV-like commercial for one of your property listing??

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Unbeatable Spring offer

This has got to be the best offer we have ever brought to this market. now you know I am not one to exaggerate so trust me – this offer cannot be beaten!

Add one of our popular featured listings together with  professionally made and voice over crafted video and send your listing into hyperspace! – Just $395 (inc GST) – this cannot be beaten.

Let the sales leaflet do the selling – print it off discuss it with your vendor and get in quick, spaces are limited so book ahead, this offer is valid until Christmas.

Remember when some website say featured listing check is truly featured or just highlighted!!! -our tend to deliver 10 times the traffic and the statistics tell you how it is helping other agents in this industry so don’t miss out – book now!

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