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Record start to 2010 – web traffic to real estate sites keeps growing

As forecasted in the December newsletter the new year kicked off where 2009 finished, with yet further increases in the level of traffic to real estate websites.

Nielsen Top Websites Real Estate Category January 2010

Across those sites tracked by Nielsen Online, total traffic grew by over 20% (vs. 2009), with over 126,000 daily unique browsers checking out listings on NZ real estate websites, adding up to a monthly total of 1.68 million.

For a total of 437,517 unique browsers visited the site in the month – a new record level of traffic viewing the most comprehensive content on the web.

This total traffic comprises both NZ’ers viewing listings to be better informed of the property market as well as an international audience from around the world eager to see what NZ property options they may have.

In terms of this international audience – delivers more viewers to real estate agent’s listings than any other website (including trade me property). The chart below details the monthly traffic of the 3 main property websites –, trade me property and open2view.

International traffic

Whilst the level of international interest is vital to ensure broad international exposure – over 140,000 unique visitors every month with Australia, the UK and the USA amounting to over 100,000 of that total, the fact is NZ viewers are more likely to be the buyer of that home. The chart below presents the tracking of weekly visits to over the past 3 years – the lift in weekly traffic every year – week on week is very telling to the growing appreciation of the value of the website.

Domestic weekly traffic

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Anticipation for a great 2010 in real estate

For many 2009 has been a challenging year. As compared to 2008 it has been a lot brighter.

In the last 12 months there were a total of 67,197 residential sales as compared 60,981 in the period to October 2008 – a 10% increase. The good news is there is great scope to see sales rise even more in 2010 – based on a 10 year average of sales as a ratio to the number of houses across the country we should be seeing sales averaging 96,000 a year! – so there is upside growth in sales to come, hopefully we will see some of this in 2010.

(To get a fuller picture of these facts please read this analysis as presented on the Unconditional blog).

As far as activity online is concerned, this year has been nothing short of staggering. Over the past 12 months close to 50 million visitor sessions were undertaken across the 7 leading real estate websites (as monitored by Nielsen Online).

As the chart shows this growth has been unstoppable as each year more and more buyers turn to the web to search for property – so many in fact that total user numbers have doubled over the past 3 years.

For our rate of growth has been even faster, not only have we more than doubled since 2006 we are now seeing the number of individual visitor sessions per week up over 46% in a year; with now an average week seeing the website provide over 145,000 users with the most comprehensive real estate listings source of any website in NZ.

This is great news for the industry in general, especially when you remember that is your website – owned by the industry, your industry, protecting your long term interests.

That was last year now let’s think about the coming months. The first 3 months of the year are tradtionally the most active during which viewing and enquiry levels peak. The chart below clearly demonstrates this. The shaded area indicates the quiet Christmas break, with the top solid blue line showing the weekly traffic across all these websites to date. The dashed blue line then goes on to estimate the level of visitors traffic we can expect to see in January and February – potentially well over 1,100,000 visitors per week.

To take advantage of this anticipated peak in viewing and searching it is so important to use these next few weeks to prepare to get the most out of the next 3 months:

1.  Get those listings right

It seems so simple but too often the basics get forgotten:

(a)   Photos – get the best collection of the best images. Make sure the #1 photo (the first photo in the sequence) is the best representation of the property. Remember the more photos a listing has the more the number of visitors, it is a fact

(b)   Address – showing an address generates a map which buyers love so they can get a perspective of where the property is and what the area around it is like – they want to use Google Street View or Zoodle – so be their friend and help them

(c)    Description – provide rich information that enables a buyer to make an informed assesment on the property. Describe the key benefits of the property and the local community – be seen as an expert who is keen to share valuable insight into living in the area – an area or neighbourhood you know so well

2. Promote those listings

To have a listing on the web is just the starting point. You need to recognise that with more people search online nowadays than in print publications you need to look to focus vendor paid marketing online.

The “Featured Listings” on are used widely by so many agents who see the value of the $250 per 2 week investment in promoting their client’s listings and see the results in the greater exposure and increase in viewing numbers.

Get in quick to grab your chosen suburb for the summer perod – we often sell out as there are only ever 3 properties featured in each suburb at any one time.

3. Get out and promote yourself

Recognising that buyers searching online for new homes are more than likely to be thinking of selling their home means that advertising your services on is so logical.

The Featured Agent adverts which allow you to promote yourself as one of just 3 agents per suburb is so effective. We still have spots available from now until the end of March and from just $15 per month, there is no better way to solicit enquiries from the massive audience on the site.

To buy a personal profile advert for your chosen suburb all you need to do is login to our Agent Pro website at (don’t forget this link is at the bottom of every page on the website) – sign up if you have not already done so, then choose your desired suburb, check that the month you want is available and then buy online with a valid credit card.

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Online searches sets new records and far outpaces print media

It certainly feels like every month there is another record broken for the number of internet searches for property – that is just the reality of the choice the consumer is actively making in assessing what is the most useful form of media to choose for property search.

In the month of October as reported by Nielsen online there were over 1.6 million unique visits to NZ real estate websites. This represented a year on year growth of 24% – that is an additional 300,000 unique visits this year as compared to last year.

By way of comparison the print media for real estate have not faired so well. The Property Press readership figures just published by both Nielsen and Roy Morgan show that weekly readership fell by 11% over the past year in the case of the Nielsen survey and by 13% in the case of the Roy Morgan survey.Along with this massive swing to online, the two websites of and Trade me property both surpassed key milestones.

For it was just the second month of 400,000+ unique browsers (up 54% on a year ago) and for Trade me property 1 million+ unique browsers in the month (up 40% on a year ago).The data for all the websites tracked by Nielsen is presented in this document.

To assit you in sharing these key pieces of information with your clients and prospective clients we have produced a new set of key fact sheets to highlight these trends. Click here to download these pages.

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Real estate online traffic – May 2009

The level of visitor traffic to real estate websites continues to hold up well even as the winter period creeps closer. In May over 3.8 million sessions were viewed on one of the key listings websites.

The graph below shows the tracking of these visitors on a weekly basis. It is very clear from the graph that the level of interest in property picked up again significantly after Easter and has maintained a strong level in excess of 1 million visitor sessions for the past 4 weeks. This scale of traffic is considerably above the same period in 2008 and 2007 and has yet to see any significant seasonal downturn. This trending of traffic for 2009 seems to be mirroring 2007.

The top 10 websites of real estate remain pretty much the same as in prior months with the overall level of reach in terms of unique visitors showing a 7% growth measuring May 2009 as against May 2008.

All of the main websites showed growth ahead of the market, particular strong growth was seen by Barfoot & Thompson (up 37%), (up 31%) and Bayleys (up 29%).

When measured as 3 month comparison the website of is up a staggering 38% in growth of visitor traffic when compared to the same period in 2008.

In terms of international visitors reviewing NZ listings the latest data for May reinforces the strength of in delivering the largest set of international property searchers. In the month just over 115,000 unique visitors from over 200 countries checked out the property listings on the site – more than 56% more traffic than trade me.

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Sales sheet for

I was asked today by a licensee for a sales sheet his team could use when presenting the site to vendors. He was keen to be able to share pertinent information on the rich comprehensive content of the site as well as the scale of traffic.

More than happy to oblige I have developed this portrait format sheet which can be downloaded as a pdf and uses in sales presentations.

The measure of traffic comes from the latest data from Nielsen Online who produce this ranking of the top websites each month – this one for April showing the realtive position of each website. As a point of note when comparing April 2009 with April 2008 the total traffic (unique browsers) to is up 41%, whilst the total of all sites is up just 6%.

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Website Business Report – March 2009

The real estate market enjoyed a strong performance in March with total sales of 6,694 a 29% increase over March 2008 – certainly not of the volumes seen during the heady days of 2005 -2007, but certainly enough to stimulate some optimism that we could be past the bottom in terms of sales volumes.

In the online world the level of activity continues to grow and grow. The latest statistics from research in the USA for the latter half of 2008 shows that 94% of all property buyers aged 25 to 44 used the web as part of the buying process! The update for the NZ data will be released in late June of this year and is likely to show similar high levels.

In terms of visitor numbers for the period covering February and March total visitor sessions across all real estate websites (as measured by Nielsen) consistently exceeded 1 million per week, up 21% on the prior year. continues to outperform the market with a significant 377,939 Unique Browsers in March an increase of 42%; more than twice that of our competitor and over 4 times the market growth.

The full report can be downloaded here

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Delivering more property buyers – that is what is doing week after week and month after month.

The performance of the website continues to grow and set more records. January took us to our highest ever month for visitors – 386,910 that is a 34% increase as compared to January last year and twice the growth of any other real estate website.

We have produced this monthly report to provide complete information on key facts about the website for the month of January 2009. The report is able to be downloaded here as a pdf document (700kb) or else you can select each page you need and download then as single jpg pages. Hopefully the information is of value. If there is ever any other information you require never hestitate to contact me by email or a blog comment below.

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Commercial property for sale or lease on the web

I am conscious that we focus very heavily in this email and other general discussions on residential property – I am acutely aware that we are here with a website to support the whole real estate industry.

I wanted to share some key information with you in regard to the commercial property side of the site. In terms of content the high representation of content from the industry is reflected well in this category with the majority of major commercial agencies using the site – this has grown in the past year with some notable new subscribers. As a result and also as a function of the market the content of commercial listings on the website has rocketed up from just over 8,000 18 months ago to now stand at 15,000 – the most comprehensive stock of listings on any real estate website for commercial property in NZ.

Not only does our site offer rich content it draws a large audience of close to 13,000 unique browsers per month. Look at these statistics comparing the commercial section of with our competitor offers your listings twice the exposure and twice the duration of visitors to these listings.

Ammendment made 15 August

As per the comment from Glen below I have added the following key information to provide complete transparency.

  1. The data reported above in the bar chart of unique browsers and Total time is based on comparable audited data from Nielsen Online
  2. The data relates to domestic NZ traffic only – this is a consistency I use in all market information as the primary appeal for our commercial customers is domestic traffic
  3. The data for Commercial listings comes from Nielsen Online Site Census which is an internal analysis which we subscribe to and is internal data
  4. The data for international traffic of UB in July was as follows:
    • Commercial listings 2,238 adding to the domestic of 13,045 to give a total of 15,283
    • Realcommercial international  3,231adding to the domestic of 7,045 to give a total of 10,276
  5. As has been highlighted in the other comment also includes business listings, so to provide a true like for like comparison the data for traffic to business listings on in July was 4,247 UB in total with of these 876 international visitors. Therefore in total for business and commercial listings delivered 19,530 UB in total in July vs. at 10,276

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Online real estate July 2008

As with the general state of the real estate market visitor numbers to real estate websites in general remained soft in June as represented by the graph below. This graph tracks the total of 7 real estate websites for the past 2 years.

The level of visitor traffic across this collection of sites averaged 327,000 visitior sessions in June as compared to a pretty much identical 328,00 in May, these level equally are identical to thsi time last year. The positive note from these statistic is the clear view that depite the slower market for property sales and general enquiry the level of searching and activity of browsing for property has not diminished and property viewing still remains an active past time for kiwis!

In terms of performance of websites the relative traffic performance remains stable with the Top 10 sites for June as detailed here from Nielsen Online. These figures show the average daily unique browsers visiting these websites during the month and these figures rather than the total unique browsers in a month are generally now regarded as a more accurate reflection of true website visitor activity. The data clearly shows the consumer attraction to the websites that provide comprehensive data.

Looking at the tracking performance of websites the following updated graphs provide a rich analysis of the online marketplace.

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Online real estate – May 08 becomes in May 2008

the #1 international traffic real estate website in NZ

Presented here is the latest data from Nielsen Online to provide a picture of the state of real estate search on the web as well as the performance of key websites for the month of May 2008.

Starting at the aggregated level – the level of total visitor sessions of purely NZ’ers viewing real estate websites continues to track below the 2007 level with around 330,000 weekly sessions through May. (For clarification this aggregated data excludes the traffic of Trade Me property as it tends to skew the data as Trade Me represent over 60% of the total market session traffic, additionally visitor sessions for property very closely mirror those of the total Trade Me website).

As can be seen from the graph the period from April through to September is a fairly flat period of activity representative of the quieter market interest in property. It will be interesting to see the state of property searching as we approach spring.
In terms of the Top 10 website for the month of May – the traffic to all of the top sites fell slightly without major change to the rankings, although Trade Me flatmates site grew traffic to lift its position from #5 to #3.

The 3 main real estate portals remained in the same postions with Trade Me #1, #2 and allrealestate at #6.

It is interesting to note that the NZ Herald site now measures traffic to their property section of the NZ Herald website rather than the Search4homes website.

In regard to the performance of for the month of May – there was the significant and continuing growth in overseas traffic. Through targeted marketing the total traffic to the site from outside NZ grew to 90,607 unique browsers in the month, making the #1 real estate website for the month based on international visitors. As the graph shows the growth of traffic from overseas to represents a 22% growth over the past 6 months, compared to a 2% growth for Trade Me property, 1% growth for open2view and a 3% decline for allrealestate.

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