International traffic to affected by DDOS attack

Wednesday 3 August: 9.45am NZ Time

The DDOS attack has gone away ! – we are delighted to report that the attack that has caused us to have to turn off our international access to our site has stopped!

This is the strange and frustrating aspect of this type of malicious attack – it stops as suddenly starts.

We have learnt some valuable lessons from this attack – we will be deploying a sensing and filtering process in future to ensure that should this happen again we can deal with it. This solution has a cost, however access to our site is key for our users and we will ensure that the site remains live and accessible from all corners of the world.

Thanks for your patience and we hope you enjoy the access to the site again.


Wednesday 3 August: 9am NZ Time

The problem continues. We have gathered together the best skills in NZ and overseas to see what can be done. The two surprising facts of this situation are:

1. It has gone on so long – the trend of these attacks is that the perpetrators goal is to bring down the site. These perpetrators are outside of NZ and as such will see that they have succeeded as the site is not accessible. But despite that the scale of the attack continues. We continue to test the inbound traffic and continue to find a deluge of rogue traffic still intent on bringing down our site.

2. The attack is targeted to our unique domain name “” as opposed to our IP address ( – initial advice was to change our IP address and then re-route the traffic. We cannot do that as changing the IP address has no effect as the attack is to the specific domain name.

We have a number of international companies working with us to set up a cloud based filtering of our international traffic – we hope to have one of the selected solutions in place by the end of the day.

Again our sincere apologies – we are applying all the effort and skills we can to this issue and hope to have it resolved very quickly. Thanks for your patience and understanding.



Tuesday 2 August: 2pm NZ Time

We are currently experiencing a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on our site – this has been a concerted and malicious attack from an unknown source or sources. Our ISP has taken the step to terminate all international traffic to our site from outside of NZ. This step has been taken to safeguard our domestic traffic within NZ. We took this step over the weekend.

This is very concerning to us as we have a very large and loyal user base to our real estate listings from outside of NZ and we hate to have this experience. We are working with our ISP to solve this issue, although these attacks are random and hard to handle.

We apologise to all international users of the site – we are working to get normal serviceĀ  resumed as fast as possible.

We are simply a real estate portal and have no reason as to why anyone would want to attack our site.

We will update this post with any updates.

Alistair Helm



August 02 2011 03:46 pm | News

2 Responses to “International traffic to affected by DDOS attack”

  1. Lynda on 04 Aug 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    I live in South Australia and as my husband and I are interested in returning to NZ have been visiting your site on a regular basis. Some days I can be on it for several hours. A few months ago I received a Google message to say that I had been blocked from this site due to an increased useage by my network?? I left it for a few days and tried Yahoo and was successfully put through. I take it that there were problems again as I was unable to get through to your website Sunday and Monday this week. Thanks for such a comprehensive website.

  2. Alistair Helm on 05 Aug 2011 at 2:03 pm #


    I am not sure as to what the messages from Google would be about – we certainly have never heard of anything like that before – let us check that out.

    As to the weekend and early part of this week – our sincere apologies and hope you are back enjoying the site now.

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