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Twitter – insights for real estate agents

I am sure by now you have heard of Twitter – you may not be using it now or understand it. To help I have shared some insight on the Unconditional blog. Additionally if you want a crash course in Twitter this YouTube video by Common Craft is excellent.

In my view, Twitter is worth considering as a means of raising your profile and demonstrating your subject matter expertise. Many people see Twitter as irrelevant ramblings about the minutiae of people’s lives, “I am going to work now”, “I am bored”, “I fed the cat”!! – but think of it differently for a minute as a way to share observations, information (as in great online stories) and also listings.

Twitter is a medium of communication – it is an email type short message that goes to people who follow you.

You can use Twitter to follow people who have useful things to share which may interest you – news service, both general and real estate specific, companies offering special deals. Here at we have our own Twitter account and we would encourage you to follow us. (realestateconz) on Twitter-1

We use Twitter to share insight, information, news stories, statistics and just about anything real estate – it is a single place, where a couple of times a day, we can share what we think is interesting and worth a read. The great thing about Twitter is you decide if you want to read – no spam email, no signing up, no pushing!

We have 115 followers after 1 week – I would like to get to 1,000 in the next 2 months, so come and follow us – and we will follow you back!

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The importance of your online profile

It seems so obvious, but in real estate today you need to have an online profile – a webpage / a place on the web which people will go to when they Google your name. It does not need to be a flash website, it can be a single page, just as long as it can tell people about you – what you do, what your great at and how to contact you.

Here are some simple ways to get a profile:

1. We offer everybody in this industry a free web page for their profile – just check out any of your listings on and see the link to “My Profile” – that is your profile online – that page is very likely to be a page that Google will direct people to when they search on your name – try and see!

If you want to write some details to add to this page then login to the AgentPro part of the site and write up whatever you want – more details and background to where you work and how you can help. As a guide have a look at other people’s profiles.


2. Facebook can be a great place to build your profile – it also allows you to connect with friends and colleagues and make new friends and acquaintances. I have noticed a significant rise in the use by real estate agents on recent months (masses of invites!) – the key with Facebook is presenting a professional impression and not mixing too much of your personal life with your business life.


3. How about a simple website? – here is a brand new service I found last week offers you an instant page to which you can link your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – a place you can encourage people to go to to see what you have to say. I built this site as a test in less than 5 minutes!

Welcome _

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