Real Estate Agents Act 2008 – website changes

We are very conscious of the changes that the new Act brings into effect from the 17th November. Very little directly effects the operation of the website. However there are one or two that do and we will communicate these in the coming weeks.

The first change which we are implementing with effect from today with the intention of completing before the 17th is the naming of offices on the website. We wish to implement a standard presentation across the site and thereby save the industry from having to apply the wording of the Act to all material. This specifically relates to clause 121 of the Act – specifically 121:2 (c) this states the following:

Every agent must ensure that the required name information is displayed in a prominent place on all notices, advertisements, and other material published by or on behalf of the agent in the course of the business

The current protocol adopted by the website is to show the legal name followed by MREINZ followed by the trading name and location. The example below represents the current format.

The change being implemented is to show the legal name followed by the statement Licensed: REAA 2008 in closed brackets followed by the trading name and location. An example of the new layout is shown below.

The Act does not call for the designation of licensee status to be identified in the context of a salesperson and therefore we shall continue to display the salesperson’s name adjacent to the listing.

November 04 2009 07:11 am | News

2 Responses to “Real Estate Agents Act 2008 – website changes”

  1. Steve Taylor on 04 Nov 2009 at 5:52 pm #

    Hi Alistair it looks like you have uploaded the wrong pics

  2. Alistair Helm on 04 Nov 2009 at 9:18 pm #

    I think you will find Steve that if you click on the individual images they open to show the current and the new – the problem is more the way the gallery feature handles very long portrait layout images – should have cropped to just show the bottom section in retrospect. Was in a hurry this morning!

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