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Comprehensive new research – Nielsen annual survey

You would have had to have had your head firmly buried in the sand not to appreciate how much the web is transforming the real estate industry – most significantly in terms of marketing.

From the latest Nielsen research comes the startling fact that in the past week 78% of buyers used the web to search property as compared to less than a third using main metropolitan newspapers.

Added to that is the fact that in the last 12 months web usage has gone up 9 points whereas newspapers have fallen a staggering 12 points to just 31%.

In the coming 12 months 74% of buyers expect they will use the web the same or more; as against just 25% of buyers who feel they will use newspapers the same or more in the future.

Full details of this analysis and details of how long property seekers spend searching online and offline, as well as what property seekers want to find out about property listings is contained in this summary of the Nielsen Real Estate Market report for 2009 of which is the primary sponsor.

View and download the presentation here and include slides in your sales presenters and thereby demonstrate to vendors why your focus is more and more towards online marketing.

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New Features with Agent Pro

There are two new features added to the Agent Pro website.

  1. We now provide statistics on the number of visitors to your profile page and your featured agent advert. These charts which you will see on your dashboard when you sign in show you how many times your profile page has been viewed and also how many times your featured agent advert has been displayed and how many people have viewed your profile as a result.
  2. When you now book a Featured Agent advert you will see a new button marked “view map”. This new feature allows you to see exactly the boundary for every suburb in our database. This dynamic and unique feature is going to be presented as part of the new website and will undoubtedly be of great assistance to help people better appreciate the boundaries of individual suburbs.

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