Featured Agent suburb adverts now available for Oct & Nov

Today is a great day to increase your profile on the web – get your name in front of thousands of active buyers.

These buyers, as is well known are more than likely to be looking to list their property for sale in the coming weeks – Featured Agent adverts are an excellent and very cost effective advertising medium for you to build your awareness and profile. Starting at just $15 per suburb per month where else can you get that kind of value for money in advertising these days?

Today you can go online and buy an advert for the months of October & November.

The reason that we are only releasing these 2 months is that we are undergoing a major re-development and re-design of the website. As part of this project we are upgrading the featured agent service to improve on its ability to put you in front of prospective clients. This development work is underway and will be completed in November.

The service for the next 2 months of October and November remains as previously, with the same individual suburbs able to be purchased as one of only 3 featured agents at the top of each of the search pages for that suburb. The costs have not changed nor the category of suburb.

Just as a reminder. In the case of residential searches the most highly viewed suburbs “Gold” are charged at $150 per month, the next tier of suburbs “Silver” are charged at $75 per month and all of the remainder, which is actually 80% of the 1,700+ suburbs across the country are charged at just $15 per suburb. All costs are inclusive of GST.

To advertise in rental search results the prices are $50 / $25 / $10; for commercial property, the prices are $100 / $25 / $10 and to advertise in searches farms the prices are $25 / $15 / $10.

To help identify the costs for your particular suburb these documents downloadable below will make it easy to find out the costs for each suburb for each category:

Choose – Residential / Commercial / Rental / Rural

All bookings for this Featured Agent service must be booked online through the Agent pro website. There you will need to login and purchase with a valid credit card. To purchase a Featured Agent advert for an individual agent requires logging in under that agent’s name.

September 30 2009 05:37 am | Online marketing

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