It’s not about the technology!

I just read a great article by Teresa Boardman titled “Real estate tech for non-techies” – it provoked in me one of those feelings of such empathy!

We have been providing seminars and training sessions for a number of years now which are designed to help any real estate professional better understand the opportunities that the web provides this industry. Not the how of the web or the deep technical issues – just how to be smarter at using simple tools and simple pieces of advice that can help you be more successful.

The frustration is that I think people see a seminar by and assume that it is going to be techie or even geeky, that somehow we will be sitting down and playing on computers for hours! – No; all I do is share information, insight, facts and advice borne of my growing experience in this market to help this industry. Sure I believe that the web is the most important part of your marketing – I would say that! – however it is true. If you don’t believe me come along to one of our future sessions to find out and challenge me!

I highlighted Teresa’s article because I have met Teresa and can tell you honestly that she is skilled in using the tools of the web – she is not a techie, but she is what this industry has load of – great real estate agents who know their marketplace and their clients and want to provide outstanding service.

So give it ago, come along to one of our regular sessions as we go around the country. If you are keen to know when we are likely to be in your area next leave a question below and we will let you know.

May 08 2009 07:19 am | Events

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