Step up and build your skills

The recent presentations that we made around the country focused on the need to build your skills in real estate marketing and online marketing. As was identified by Stefan Swanepoel earlier this year, there is an emerging new breed of real estate agents – skilled in managing information and negotiation, as this quote from Stefan’s book so rightly puts it

“Agents are no longer order takers and are looking to acquire skills to build their business” – Bill Shue, President, RealtyU

To assist this future trend I wanted to highlight the training services that the REINZ is providing for all professionals in this industry. They have a special offer on at the moment for on-the-job training at amazing prices (50% off the regular price) for a short time. Have a read of the details on the REINZ website.

November 27 2008 11:05 am | Special offers

2 Responses to “Step up and build your skills”

  1. Deon Swiggs on 27 Nov 2008 at 2:55 pm #

    Thanks for bringing this up, its important as we move into a new and harsher environment when the public will be far better protected.

  2. David Leggott on 27 Nov 2008 at 5:16 pm #

    Its fantastic to see that the REINZ are making such a generous offer to all licenced agents. Considering that late next year this type of training will be mandatory its a forward thinking move.

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