Prepare for a huge upsurge in viewings

Whilst traditionally the viewings of real estate listings on websites starts to slow in late November and through December, the first week of January by contrast always sees a massive surge of viewings.

Over the past 2 years we have seen increases of between 40% and 50% in the month of January as compared to November and December – January generally results in the biggest month of the year for website visitors.
This year will be even bigger for and your listings on our site – why?

  1. Because with the closure of the website of the buyers will be flocking to our site
  2. All traffic from and in Australia will be boosted even further the traffic to
  3. With more than 113,000 listings people will be very eager to review the most comprehensive selection of properties to make sure they get the best deal – remains the clear leader in content of any real estate website – this is what is important to serious property buyers

So get ready for a surge of interest and email enquiry (as well as telephone enquiries) as your listings are showcased to a global audience that will hit record levels in January.

November 27 2008 11:20 am | Market stats and Web facts

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