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Broadband has now overtaken dialup as the most popular access for the internet across the country, and with the budget announcement of yet further investment in broadband, it all reinforces the role of the web in everyday business generally and real estate specifically.

Given this background we now feel it is the right time to actively promote video as a new rich media on the website. Further research just released showed that NZ’ers are spending up to 22 hours a week on the web – with a high skew to video watching, so we want to give them a great experience with video on the website.

We have been testing video on the site over the past few months – adding videos to individual listings as agents have contacted us requesting this service. Have a look at a couple of these listings with video presentation on the site today. You will see on the listing the link to the video next to the thumbnail images of the property:

This property in Dunedin has a YouTube video presentation

This property in Auckland CBD has a PureView video presentation

This property in Orewa has a ViewitNow video presentation

This property in St Heliers has a Website Telly video presentation video

Each of these presents a different solution to video on the web as well as a different level of production and therefore cost. A professionally produced full video can cost upwards of $750 to $1,500, whilst at the other end of the spectrum video presentation of quality photos start at just $250. As ever it is your choice as to the budget and form of presentation you want to create for your client’s property.

So now we are ready to go live and offer this to all in the industry. If you have a video of a listing that you would like added onto the site, then please follow these simple instructions.

  1. Firstly please do not send us the video – we will not be hosting videos on the site.
  2. Identify the web address where the video can be found on the web (URL) for example this video on listing #BOU114 has the web address of
  3. Sent it to
  4. To configure the website to show videos within the listing page we need to set up the technical layout of the site, it is for this reason that we cannot on day one accept all videos. To be acceptable the video must be hosted on one of the following video production / hosting companies:

If the video you have had produced is not produced by one of these companies or hosted on one of these sites then let us know and we will set up the technology to allow your video to be displayed. As a point of note uploading a video to the largest video website of YouTube costs nothing and is the fastest way to get the video on the site and also allow it to be seen by anyone on the web.

May 27 2008 10:49 am | Video

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  3. Matthew Harley on 18 Nov 2008 at 1:21 pm #

    Great to see you’ve come to the party “finally” with Web 2.0. I look forward to using this feature as it is the way forward for real estate and is an incredibly powerful marketing tool when done right. Great step forward in the right direction!

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