Unique new feature showing traffic to listings

There is no doubt that people these days are fascinated with statistics and as I have covered in other emails the web provides an unlimited amount of such information – how many people look at the website? – how many look at my listing? – where do people from overseas look for in property? – how long do they look at a listing? – the list is endless!

New reporting feature on web traffic to a listingWell now a lot of the answers to these questions will be available for all to see in a new and unique feature on all listings on the website.

From today click on the link on your listing which shows the number of viewings a property has received and a new world of information opens up before your eyes!

This new presentation shows the traffic to that individual listing seen over the past 30 days as a dynamic graph that is updated in real time. Additionally the second graph shows the countries that have viewed the listing. So you can now see how many Australians, Brits, Canadians, Japanese and South Africans were interested in your client’s property.

We have been piloting this new feature for a couple of weeks with a wide cross section of the industry so as to ensure we matched the needs of the consumer with the needs of the industry. The feedback included comments on how valuable agents though this would be, especially in today’s market to get vendors to appreciate the market interest and through that the demand for the property. Additionally the graph showcased the very real benefit of featured listing – as is the case for this example property shown here.

May 27 2008 10:48 am | New feature

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