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World class 2 day conference for just US$399

I know this is late notice – but if you want to invest in your real estate career and more fully understand “how traditional real estate agents will not be replaced by technology.. they will be replaced with agents with technology” – then get yourself to Real Estate Connect in July in San Francisco.

As special offer for NZ real estate professionals I have convinced the team at Inman to encourage NZ’ers to make the trip to SF.

The conference is incredible – take it from me – I attended my first last July and came away hugely impressed – not just from the valuable content and contacts that I absorbed but from an incredibly well run conference the like of which I had never experienced before (trust me I have been to a lot of conferences).

The conference runs from Wed 23rd to Fri 25 July in San Francisco. If you want to get a feel for the value of the event have a read of my blogs I wrote from the past 2 I have been to as archived on the forum.

I am attending the event and would be only to happy to answer any questions you may have or to act as connector at the conference.

Fancy joining me ?? – here’s the invitation from the Inman team:

Real Estate Connect is the real estate industry’s premier business intelligence and networking event. Connect SF 2008 is Inman News 12th annual gathering; where the global leaders in real estate, finance and technology come to promote change and innovation within the rapidly changing market.

Some of the topics featured at this summer’s Connect:

  • When is the US market going to turn around?
  • How to reach out to overseas investors.
  • Get Social or Die? Adapting your business to Web 2.0.
  • Plus workshops on blogging, video, foreclosures, internet marketing and much, much more.

Inman News is proud to offer NZ real estate professionals an exclusive offer to attend Real Estate Connect in partnership with

You can register to attend the full package (conference + workshop of your choice) at the special rate of $399. ($299 for the conference only)

All international attendees receive concierge registration. To register for Connect SF 2008 using this exclusive offer, please contact Katy Campana at or call +1 (510) 658-9252 ext. 143.

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Video – now live on the site

Broadband has now overtaken dialup as the most popular access for the internet across the country, and with the budget announcement of yet further investment in broadband, it all reinforces the role of the web in everyday business generally and real estate specifically.

Given this background we now feel it is the right time to actively promote video as a new rich media on the website. Further research just released showed that NZ’ers are spending up to 22 hours a week on the web – with a high skew to video watching, so we want to give them a great experience with video on the website.

We have been testing video on the site over the past few months – adding videos to individual listings as agents have contacted us requesting this service. Have a look at a couple of these listings with video presentation on the site today. You will see on the listing the link to the video next to the thumbnail images of the property:

This property in Dunedin has a YouTube video presentation

This property in Auckland CBD has a PureView video presentation

This property in Orewa has a ViewitNow video presentation

This property in St Heliers has a Website Telly video presentation video

Each of these presents a different solution to video on the web as well as a different level of production and therefore cost. A professionally produced full video can cost upwards of $750 to $1,500, whilst at the other end of the spectrum video presentation of quality photos start at just $250. As ever it is your choice as to the budget and form of presentation you want to create for your client’s property.

So now we are ready to go live and offer this to all in the industry. If you have a video of a listing that you would like added onto the site, then please follow these simple instructions.

  1. Firstly please do not send us the video – we will not be hosting videos on the site.
  2. Identify the web address where the video can be found on the web (URL) for example this video on listing #BOU114 has the web address of
  3. Sent it to
  4. To configure the website to show videos within the listing page we need to set up the technical layout of the site, it is for this reason that we cannot on day one accept all videos. To be acceptable the video must be hosted on one of the following video production / hosting companies:

If the video you have had produced is not produced by one of these companies or hosted on one of these sites then let us know and we will set up the technology to allow your video to be displayed. As a point of note uploading a video to the largest video website of YouTube costs nothing and is the fastest way to get the video on the site and also allow it to be seen by anyone on the web.

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Exclusive offer – A video of your client’s property for just $250

Providing the ability to add a video to a listing on the website is all well and good – if you have a video in the first place!

So we wanted to find a simple and cost effective way to encourage you to adopt and embrace this rich new media. But instead of telling you to go and find a video production company we wanted to bring one to you – so you could turn round to your clients today and offer them the excitement and impact of a video on their listing.

So we have been found a technology partner who we can work with and who can offer you a high quality video for an amazing price – we have found a NZ company who have developed a great piece of technology which can create professional looking videos without having to visit the property.

Website Telly professionally captures the photo portfolio of a property and with professional voice over and background music creates a powerful 30 second commercial for your client’s property.

Have a look at this example of a video created for a property featured on the website.

So now you have seen the quality – here’s how you can get this amazing service at just $250 (inc GST) per video. Download this fact sheet to find out how easy it is – then email us your order at and we will have a video up on your listing within 3 business days.

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Unique new feature showing traffic to listings

There is no doubt that people these days are fascinated with statistics and as I have covered in other emails the web provides an unlimited amount of such information – how many people look at the website? – how many look at my listing? – where do people from overseas look for in property? – how long do they look at a listing? – the list is endless!

New reporting feature on web traffic to a listingWell now a lot of the answers to these questions will be available for all to see in a new and unique feature on all listings on the website.

From today click on the link on your listing which shows the number of viewings a property has received and a new world of information opens up before your eyes!

This new presentation shows the traffic to that individual listing seen over the past 30 days as a dynamic graph that is updated in real time. Additionally the second graph shows the countries that have viewed the listing. So you can now see how many Australians, Brits, Canadians, Japanese and South Africans were interested in your client’s property.

We have been piloting this new feature for a couple of weeks with a wide cross section of the industry so as to ensure we matched the needs of the consumer with the needs of the industry. The feedback included comments on how valuable agents though this would be, especially in today’s market to get vendors to appreciate the market interest and through that the demand for the property. Additionally the graph showcased the very real benefit of featured listing – as is the case for this example property shown here.

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Professional Partners: Xero

As part of these regular emails I am keen to bring to your attention services which are complementary to our product offerings – one such service is provided by Xero, a NZ leader in online accounting systems.

Accounting may be seen as dry and boring but at the heart of any successful business, whether as an individual or as a business owner is a smart and comprehensive accounting system. Xero offers an easy-to-use alternative to the broken and inefficient accounting systems that many New Zealand small businesses currently use. It gives users a more accurate and visible financial picture of their business at all times, and ensures people spend less time on their accounting and more time on their core business.

Xero has taken the time to understand the real estate industry and has developed distinct packages to meet the needs of professionals in this industry.

Xero services to real estate professionals

Real estate agents and salespeople

Real estate agents demand a mobile, accessible and up-to-date accounting system that manages their accounts more efficiently, so they can spend time focussing on how to become more effective and more profitable. In today’s world there is a need to be able to work from anywhere – not always on the one desktop computer in the office.

Real estate, like any sales-related industry, is about building and maintaining professional relationships. Xero is currently integrated with leading real estate software MyDesktop and Real NZ – both part of the Xero Network.

Take a few minutes to look at Xero’s real estate solution on their website and check out all the work already done for you – including user guides and customised Chart of Accounts.
Xero professional services for property managers

Property Managers

Property managers need to manage multiple properties effortlessly, whether that’s 5, 50 or 500. At the same time they need to provide a high level of service to their clients.

Managers can then invite property owners in to Xero and they can log in anytime from anywhere in the world to see the exact status of their investment. This helps managers to build valuable trust with their clients and win future business.

Using the Xero Network, a unique data exchange for online organisations, property managers can swap data with their clients who are also Xero users. This creates a tightly-integrated community and eliminates any incompatibility between systems or data.

Take a few minutes to look at Xero’s property managers’ solution on their website and check out all the work already done for you – including user guides and customised Chart of Accounts.

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