Is it time to sell?

Time to Sell Now?
One of the questions we often get from prospective home sellers is should I list my home now or wait until I find something I want to buy? There really is no right or wrong answer. Much of the decision making process should center around your personal circumstances, along with local market conditions.

For example, what if there are very few homes for sale? Low inventory is fantastic for home sellers. Basic economics of supply and demand tells us that most things sell for more money when there is less of them available. It has been proven time and again this applies to housing.


Here a just a few of the Pros when listing your home before you find a home to purchase.

1) A lot of people don’t realise that you can negotiate a longer settlement or better still, cover yourself by inserting a condition to the Sales & Purchase agreement allowing yourselves time to acquire another property. Buyers still fulfil & confirm their conditions so most of the time it leaves you in a position where it is only subject to you finding a home. If you don’t find one, the offer and sale does not proceed.

2) You are in a better position when you do find a home. We all know that multi offers are still happening on most homes and those with homes to sell often miss out in this process. If you are in a position where the contract on your home is just subject to you finding a home, you will not require a subject to sale clause. That places you in a stronger position when entering negotiations.

3) Interest Rates still remain low so making changes sooner rather than later could work in your benefit if you are interested in fixing at lower rates. Will they rise this year like predicted? We don’t have a crystal ball, but if you are considering a move this year, now is a good time.

4) Motivated Buyers are looking everywhere throughout Hawkes Bay. There are still plenty of first home buyers with pre approvals looking and not finding a lot out there and the same can be said for buyers with budgets between $450,000 – $650,000. Most buyers in this bracket have homes to sell but they are ready to List when they find the right one, which brings us full circle back to point 1.

So, when it comes to selling; The statistics are in your favour – historically, homes sell for more with low stock there’s no better time than now.

2018 is here & NOW IS THE TIME TO GET SOLD!!

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About The Harpers

Mike and Emerald offer a unique and diverse approach to the Napier property market; as a father, daughter team, family values are the core of their business. Mike has extensive property experience and knowledge and Emerald offers creative marketing ideas and enjoys the negotiation. The Harpers appeal to a wide demographic, this is important when dealing with buyers and sellers alike. Trust – Their proven track record is based on trust. They are honest and put people at ease; it is important to trust and feel comfortable with your property agent. Power of 2 – Two agents – twice the service, twice the results for no added cost; offering total commitment to their clients. The Harpers goal is always to provide a service and go above and beyond expectations. Marketing – They understand how to market property in all types of markets. In a sellers market you need skilled negotiators to obtain the best price from the competition. In a buyers market, you need an agent who values marketing to ensure your home stands out in the crowd. Their innovative approach embraces all mediums and creates activity beyond the norm. They look beyond the transaction – Their intention is to take the stress away and help you move forward, our ongoing client referrals are testament to this. At Black & White Real Estate, The Harpers will thoughtfully cater to your needs with tailor-made marketing proposals, identifying the target market. Less corporate overheads also mean they can keep fees at a minimum whilst still doing a great job.
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