Biggest Month For Feilding Since May 2007

There were 44 house sales through all Real Estate Agencies in Feilding in March, which was very strong indeed. Palmerston North was also strong with 155. The median residential house sale price for Feilding is $311,250 when calculated over 3 months, and $324,125 for the month of March alone. It was $240,000 in August 2015! Auckland was very active again in March after 3 quieter months.

Median house prices in March, calculated over 3 months were:
Feilding                    311,250    Palmerston North           333,000
New Zealand           518,000    Eastern Suburbs Ak   1,570,000
Auckland Total      890,000    Wellington Total             512,000
Levin                        249,990    Whanganui                       187,500
Rangitikei                180,500    Pahiatua                           159,000

Kind regards
Michael Ford

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