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Great Real Estate System

The English know all about the nightmares of gazumping.

Many countries have an inferior land transfer and title system.

In NZ, we use the same sale and purchase agreement document throughout the land that all Solicitors and Agents are familiar with.

We have a robust and independent licensing and discipline system, through the Real Estate Agents Authority.

We have a proactive Real Estate Institute of NZ producing comparable sales data, stats, education etc etc.

I would venture to say that the New Zealand system is the best in the world.

Kind regards
Michael Ford


When buying, most of us have to compromise, and if interest rates rise, we need to budget accordingly.

So when buying, you should start by making a long “wish list.” Then go through and rank that list starting with the most important requirement.

For many, the following considerations rank highly:

Location, house size, section size, condition, potential to add value, architecture, number of bedrooms, bathrooms and garages, outdoor living or potential for, view, privacy.

Examples of lower priorities for many are:

Colour, condition of carpets, drapes and other chattels, decorative condition, gold taps, extras such as spa pools etc.

Many of us buy a home and enjoy living in it, perhaps upgrade it, and move on to another property with more items on the wish list at a later time.

Kind regards
Michael Ford