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Strongish November

Feilding enjoyed a reasonably strong month of sales volume through all Real Estate Agents in November, with 31 sales. There have been at least 30 sales in 6 of the last 8 months in Feilding which is a good long term average number of sales. Sales volume is up 11% compared to the same time last year, and is up 42% on the same time in the horror year of 2010, but down 35% on the same time in the heady year of 2003.

The median sale price for Feilding is at $272,000 when calculated over 3 months, which is up a little. Look below at how much stronger Feilding is than its regional neighbours in Levin, Whanganui, Rangitikei and Pahiatua.

Median house prices calculated over 3 months were solid:

Feilding                 272,000    Palmerston North         295,000
New Zealand        467,000    Eastern Suburbs Ak   1,415,000
Levin                      183,750    Rangitikei                        165,000
Pahiatua                142,250    Whanganui                      170,500

Kind regards
Michael Ford

Why Has The Market Improved?

There has been a definite upturn in the number of house sales in Feilding by all Real Estate Agents since April 2015. August was the exception with low volume.

I see 12 main reasons for the improved market:

  1. First home buyers are back in the market.
  2. Home Start deposit grants are helping more people.
  3. Welcome home loans are helping more people.
  4. LVR restrictions are slightly relaxed in our region.
  5. Feilding and Manawatu is growing in population.
  6. Developers and Investors have confidence in Feilding & surrounds.
  7. Feilding is cementing itself as a major agri business centre.
  8. Increasing trickle of Aucklanders coming to Feilding and Manawatu.
  9. Immigrants and ex pat Kiwis are recognizing the lifestyle quality here.
  10. Feilding is affordable.
  11. Feilding is very popular with Ohakea Airbase personnel.
  12. Feilding is an attractive country town alternative to city living.

Kind regards
Michael Ford

Don’t Miss Out

The real estate market slows a bit over Christmas/New Year, but it doesn’t stop. We often see people from out of town looking to move here, and many family decisions about housing are made when family members get together.

Every year is different. For example, last January was slow with only 18 houses sold by all real estate agents, but 2014 had 25, 2009 had 26, 2007 had 31, 2004 had 33,  2003 had 30 and 1999 had 26.

The last Property Weekly for 2015 has to be booked by 10th December, and the next Property Weekly doesn’t hit the streets until 15th January 2016.

It is important not to miss out on this bumper publication which is usually well over double the size of the normal weekly magazine, and has a 4 week shelf life.

If you are thinking of listing your property for sale in December or January, contact me now to be sure of having your property in the bumper Property Weekly.

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Michael Ford