Conservatories, Sunrooms, Verandahs, Decks & Patios

None are necessary in a house property, however they add huge amenity value to a home.

As the cooler weather approaches, my Mum will be enjoying her north facing conservatory, where the winter sun pours in, and helps heat her home. It is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch or a well deserved cuppa.

Our Kiwi lifestyle often revolves around the bar-b-que on the deck, verandah or patio over the summer months (Autumn this year!). This is where we experience the “good times.”

These outdoor or semi outdoor areas are often the favourite place on the property.

When selling, it is important to present these “favourite rooms”, whether indoor or out, so that prospective new owners can imagine themselves enjoying everything good that the “room” has to offer. This might be the difference between a positive buying decision, or otherwise.

Even during the winter, keep the patio, deck or verandah spotless, and show how you use it with table and chairs etc when Prospective Buyers are viewing.

Make your conservatory or sunroom inviting. A good Agent or Salesperson might well get the Prospects to take a seat and soak up the sun and ambience.

Kind regards, Michael


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