Real Estate Career

I thoroughly enjoy my job as a Real Estate Agent. Mind you, it is early days, having only started in the property industry in 1977.

Every day is different, every Client and Customer is different and every property is different.

In most cases we produce win win results, where both parties are happy, and are able to move on to the next stage in their life. The thrill for first home buyers is wonderful to be part of.

Agents and Salespeople need to be self motivated and self starters, but the Company provides guidance and training. Product knowledge can be learnt, and in our offices at least, there is always someone willing to help.

Commission is more difficult to budget around than a salary, and income takes a while to gather momentum, but the rewards are good for good operators. You have to have confidence in your own ability. While we do work weekends and evenings, these are by appointment that we organise, and we have flexibility around working hours.

Our Feilding office has a rare vacancy for a Sales Consultant. If you are at all interested, whether experienced or not, have an initial confidential talk to Ken Watson, Tania Osborne, John Cox or myself. We are a strong team, that has fun.

Regards, Michael


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  1. Hi Michael, you must love your career to have stayed in it for so long. I just started studying real estate last year and gained my qualification in December. I now live in Hastings but was bought up in Palmerston North. Fielding was one of my childhoods favourite places being just a short drive with my mum to go shopping and have iced coffee in the coffee shops. We would come to the Hawkes Bay for our family holidays!
    I guess Fielding house prices are cheaper than Palmerston North and many people buy there and commute to work in PN.

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