Just Do It!

Sir Richard Branson struck a chord with me in aTV interview the other day.  He was asked what one piece of advice he would give to people that were unable to attend a speech/seminar that he was giving in Auckland.  His answer was “scr-w it, just do it.”

I think that we, and Kiwis in particular, talk ourselves out of doing so many good things. We wait until everything is 100% risk free before taking the plunge, and consequently never do so many positive things.

Life is full of calculated risks, and 70% – 80% risk free should be good enough for most situations. We also need to compromise to move forward.

This is very much the case when deciding to buy or sell a house or business, and whether to upgrade or move to a more suitable property. I have often been thanked by clients for helping them make decisions, and occasionally I have been told that I should have “pushed harder” because people regret not taking the plunge. Look at the pros and cons, and then make a decision.

Don’t procrastinate. – JUST DO IT!

Kind Regards, Michael

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