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(where we have either listed/marketed the property or introduced the buyer or both.)
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   38 James Tyler Cres, Lynfield
 39H Cape Horn Rd – Waikowai
  250 Whitney St – Blockhouse Bay~
 2/76 Olsen Ave – Hillsborough~
 1/7 Fairway Dr – Mt Roskill~
  35 Goodland St, Royal Oak
 1083 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill~
  6 William Donnelly Tce, Lynfield
 8a Kipling Ave, Epsom
  10 Stranolar Dr, Mt Roskill(South)
  37 Fickling Ave, Hillsborough~
47a Mt Roskill Rd, Mt Roskill
54a Koraha St, Remuera
  1/601 Mt Albert Rd, Royal Oak
 35 Ramelton Rd, Mt Roskill~
  21 Geneva Pl, Blockhouse Bay~
    5 Netherton St, New Windsor~
  41 Fickling Ave, Hillsborough
  61 Duke St, Three Kings
  9b Yang Pl, Papakura
  94 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
77b Donovan St, Blockhouse Bay*
    9 Stanton Tce, Lynfield
     3 Beckett Way, Mt Roskill
   87 Olsen Ave, Hillsborough
333a Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
3/659 Mt Albert Rd, Royal Oak
369 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
  27 Warren Ave, Three Kings
     3 Adrienne Pl, Onehunga
    7  Tropicana Dr, Mt Roskill
 65b Caronia Cres, Lynfield~
    11 Cape Horn Rd, Hillsborough~
    67 Penney Ave, Mt Roskill
  48 Haycock Ave, Mt Roskill~
    14 Ball Pl, Mt Roskill
    53 Golf Rd, New Lynn~
2/64 Budgen St, Mt Roskill Sth*
 89b Ash St, Avondale*
1/91 Campbell Rd, One Tree Hill
   56 Bolton St, Blockhouse Bay~
   25 Herd Rd, Hillsborough
   66 Webster Ave, Mt Roskill
    15 Simmonds Ave, Three Kings
      9 Coleman Ave, Mt Roskill~
      8 Clyma Pl, Massey~
 2/34 Inkerman St, Onehunga
 1/291a Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough~
 1606 Dominion Rd Ext, Mt Roskill
    18 Hillsdale Rd – Hillsborough~
2/383 Hillsborough Rd – Hillsborough
   48 Marua Rd, Ellerslie~
  15f Denbigh Ave, Mt Roskill~
    17 Rangitiki Cr, Lynfield~
 342 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
    61 Stranolar Dr, Mt Roskill South
  53c Grotto St, Onehunga
  447 Hillsborough Rd,Mt Roskill~
     63 Duke St, Three Kings~
   154 Melrose Rd, Mt Roskill
     21 Rangitiki Cr, Lynfield~
     16 Hibiscus Pl, Hillsborough
3/38 Littlejohn St, Hillsborough~
     13 Catton Cres, Mt Roskill
  267 Shirley Rd, Papatoetoe~
     16 Oriana Ave, Lynfield~
    43 Agincourt St, Glenfield
432a Hillsborough Rd, Mt Roskill~
    16 Fairway Dr, Mt Roskill~
      4 Heversham Pl, Glendene~
4/1542 Dominion Rd Ext, Mt Roskill~
  31a Olive Cres, Papatoetoe
      2 Kathryn Ave, Hillsborough
    5c Newington Rd, Henderson~
      8 Ulay Pl, Clover Park~
    21 Windermere Cres, Blockhouse Bay~
    42 Stranolar Dr, Mt Roskill (South)~
    3/1638 Dominion Rd Ext, Mt Roskill
    1/72 Pah Rd, Royal Oak~
    25a Waipuna Rd, Mt Wellington~
      11 Nissan Pl, Onehunga~
    32d Hayr Rd, Three Kings~
    26a Warren Ave, Three Kings
   1/93 Symonds St, Royal Oak~
   1/40 Spring St, Onehunga~
       39 Fickling Ave, Mt Roskill~
       24 Barrack Rd, Mt Wellington~
     139 Grey St, Onehunga
     1/7 Hardington St, Onehunga~
 5/441 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga~
       12 Peter Mulgrew St, New Windsor~
       10 Churches Ave, Three Kings
       21 Plunket Ave, Papatoetoe
 1/394 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga
       15 Crispian Pl, Weymouth*
316/26 Morningside Dr, Morningside
       25 Waimate St, Otara~
      77  Tiriwa Dr, Massey*
   1/79 Farquhar Rd, Glendene~
     48a Chequers Ave, Glenfield*
     458 Mt Albert Rd, Mt Albert
       3b Rimu Rd, Mangere Bridge~
     178 Mt Smart Rd, Onehunga~
     36a Littlejohn St, Hillsborough~
   1328 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill~
       39 Everglade Dr, Totara Heights*
         3 Eaton Rd, Hillsborough~
 6/533 Manukau Rd, Epsom~
       60 Alfred St, Onehunga
    1/72 Pah Rd, Royal Oak
        10 Quona Ave, Mt Roskill~
        14 Barkes Pl, Mt Roskill~
        23 Olsen Ave, Hillsborough~
  2/545 Manukau Rd, Epsom
        51 Mays Rd, Onehunga
          6 Camellia Pl, Mt Roskill~
        13 Keystone Ave, Three Kings~
          8 Clyma Pl, Massey*
        12 Hibiscus Pl, Hillsborough~
        22 Marshall Laing Ave, Mt Roskill~
        30 Olsen Ave, Hillsborough~
1129 & 1133 New North Rd, Mt Albert~
       2/8 King George Ave, Epsom~
     290b Great South Rd, Papakura*
       26a Warren Ave, Three Kings*
         10 Hillview Ave, New Windsor
   8/394 Onehunga Mall, Onehunga~
         21 Wayne Pl, Mt Roskill~
          2  Maroa Rd, One Tree Hill~
     2/19 John Davis Rd, Mt Roskill
12/4074 Great North Rd, Glen Eden*
         27 Hayr Rd, Three Kings
A502/176 Broadway, Newmarket~
     3/19 Marshall Laing Ave, Mt Roskill
       32d Hayr Rd, Three Kings
       1/2 Frost Rd, Mt Roskill~
         15 Cardwell St, Onehunga~
         11 Catton Cres, Mt Roskill/Hillsborough~
         2F Aldersgate Rd, Hillsborough*
           1 Coleman Ave, Mt Roskill~
       13k Ruawai Rd, Mt Wellington
       77b Frederick St, Hillsborough
         54 Koraha St, Remuera*
         26 Wallace Rd, Mangere Bridge*
       868 Mt Eden Rd, Three Kings~
   10/22 Spring St, Onehunga
         52 Sandspit Rd, Waiuku*
       145 Church St, Onehunga
     1/10 Flavia Pl, Lynfield~
         36 Campbell Rd, Royal Oak*
           7 Catton Cres, Mt Roskill/Hillsborough*
         5a Moata Rd, One Tree Hill~
         23 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough~
       319 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough~
 7/360a Onehunga Mall Rd, Onehunga
        15a Camellia Pl, Mt Roskill
          49 Staveley Ave, Hillsborough~
          11 Noel Pl, Mt Roskill~
        10b Budgen St, Mt Roskill*
          12 Milliken Ave, Mt Roskill~
            6 Marion Ave, Mt Roskill*
          71 Waitangi Rd, Onehunga~
          51 Hill St, Onehunga
            8 Budock Rd, Hillsborough*
          20 Fred Woodward Pl, Mt Roskill
        31a Stephen Lysnar Pl, Hillsborough*
           7  Puka St, Onehunga
       367  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
         52  Waitangi Rd, Onehunga
       425  Onehunga Mall, Onehunga
       2/8  King George Ave, Epsom*
   1/339  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
         12  Hillsdale Rd, Hillsborough~
     3/41  Ripon Cres, Meadowbank
         20  Camellia Pl, Mt Roskill~
       485  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
         5a  Caronia Cres, Lynfield
     1/26  Inkerman St, Royal Oak*
           4  Marydale Dr, Mt Roskill South
         99  Grey St, Onehunga
           9  Wayne Pl, Mt Roskill~
         68  Staveley Ave, Hillsborough~
         40  Aldersgate Rd, Hillsborough
         30  Huapai St, Onehunga
     249a  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough~
       10a  Stamford Park Rd, Mt Roskill~
     2/11  Marydale Dr, Mt Roskill Sth~
         9a  John Davis Rd, Mt Roskill
       3/2  Olsen Ave, Hillsborough*
           6  Hillsdale Rd, Hillsborough
       53c  Grotto St, Onehunga*
       2/8  Stamford Park Rd, Mt Roskill
       296  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
           3  Viking Ave, Hillsborough*
     1/62  Cardwell St, Onehunga
       15b  Camellia Pl, Mt Roskill~
     6/20  Taylor Rd, Blockhouse Bay*
       4/2   Frost Rd, Mt Roskill
           8   Hames Tce, Hillsborough
       30a   Seaview Rd, Glenfield*
           9   Rimu Rd, Mangere Bridge
     2/11   Marydale Dr, Mt Roskill South
         51   Staveley Ave, Hillsborough
           8   Wayne Pl,Mt Roskill
         47   Frederick St, Hillsborough
   7/533   Manukau Rd, Epsom
       77c   Frederick St, Hillsborough
     2/41   Ripon Cres, Meadowbank
       145   Melrose Rd, Mt Roskill
         23   Wayne Pl, Mt Roskill
           8   Quona Ave, Hillsborough
     2/58   Selwyn St, Onehunga
         95   Halesowen Ave, Mt Eden
         34   Albion Rd, Otahuhu
         11   Vic Butler St, Mt Roskill
     2/52   Littlejohn St, Hillsborough
     1/52   Littlejohn St, Hillsborough
     3225   Kaipara Coast Hwy, Glorit
       124   Halsey Dr, Lynfield
         26   Fred Woodward Pl, Mt Roskill
   5/67a   Alfred St, Onehunga
           7   Lifford Pl, Mt Roskill South
         29   Oakdale Rd, Hillsborough
         1a   Olsen Ave, Hillsborough
         12   Hibiscus Pl, Hillsborough
27a/27b  Oakdale Rd, Hillsborough
   7/533   Manukau Rd, Epsom
         10   Fairway Dr, Mt Roskill
         11   Hillview Ave, New Windsor
       3/2   Frost Rd, Mt Roskill
         11   Wesley Bay Glade, Hillsborough
       389   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
     2/62   Woodside Ave, Mt Eden
         53   Grotto St, Onehunga
       13e   Jordan Ave, Onehunga
     2/23   Halsey Dr, Lynfield
         27   Budgen St, Mt Roskill South
         10   Heretaunga Ave, Onehunga
         43   Hayr Rd, Three Kings
       65a   Hutchinson Ave, New Lynn
         19   Glenveagh Dr, Mt Roskill South
        15    Cardrona Pl, Favona
       342   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
         57   Lynbrooke Ave, Blockhouse Bay
       2/9   Hastie Ave, Mangere Bridge
         44   Glenveagh Dr, Mt Roskill South
         15   Wayne Pl, Mt Roskill
     4/16   Stamford Park Rd, Mt Roskill
         20   Garland Rd, Greenlane
         42   Cameron St, Onehunga
    10/22  Spring St, Onehunga
       453   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
       34b   Littlejohn St, Hillsborough
       36a   Scott Ave, Mangere Bridge
      1/24  Vagus Pl, Royal Oak
  4/157a  Great South Rd, Greenlane
       296   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
         17   Hibiscus Pl, Hillsborough
         49   Staveley Ave, Hillsborough
           1   Baker Pl, Onehunga                         
   1065b   Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill                 
         80   Henwood Rd, Mangere East            
     1143   Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill                 
         70   Staveley Ave, Hillsborough             
      3/40  Selwyn Rd, Epsom                           
           8   Scott Ave, Mangere Bridge             
         60   Olsen Ave, Hillsborough                  
       391   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough         
           6   Mona Ave, Mangere Bridge            
         23   Heretaunga Ave, Onehunga            
           6   Wayne Pl, Mt Roskill                       
       19a   Scott Ave, Mangere Bridge             
         46   Woodward Ave, Mangere Bridge
         17   Maeneene Rd, Te Hana                   
      3/15  Carlton St, Hillsborough                   
      2/57  Church Rd, Mangere Bridge             
         20   Revel Ave, Mt Roskill                      
         43   Hill St, Onehunga                             
       40A   Hill St, Onehunga                             
    2D/51 Princes St, Onehunga                       
          21  Pleasant St, Onehunga                     
      2/14  Whitmore Rd, Mt Roskill                 
          5a  Te Marama Rd, Ellerslie                  
          51  Tiverton Rd, New Windsor              
          23  Matata St, Blockhouse Bay             
          56  Waitangi Rd, Onehunga                   
      7/11  Ballin St, Ellerslie                             
          43  Waitangi Rd, Onehunga                   
         27   Bolton St, Blockhouse Bay               
   G/221   Mt Smart Rd, Onehunga                  
       109   Donovan St, Blockhouse Bay           
         27   Littlejohn St, Hillsborough               
       154   Selwyn St, Onehunga                       
    1/161   Church St, Onehunga                        
         9b   Avis Ave, Papatoetoe                       
        1/9   Preston Ave, Henderson                  
         99   Grey St, Onehunga                           
         17   Marshall Laing Ave, Mt Roskill       
         57   Spring St, Onehunga                        
         17   Brynbella Pl, Papakura                     
     190A   Hutchinson Ave, New Lynn              
         55   Spring St, Onehunga                        
         12   Littlejohn St, Hillsborough               
    2/238   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough         
         10   Commodore Parry Rd, Milford        
         20   Queenstown Rd, Hillsborough         
         29   Seaforth Ave, Mangere Bridge        
      1/13   Atkinson Ave, Otahuhu                    
           7   Freeland Ave, Mt Roskill                 
     A/10   Christina Ave, Glendene                  
        1/2   Catton Cres, Waikowai                    
    1/566   Richardson Rd, Mt Roskill               
           8   MacLaurin St, Blockhouse Bay        
         73   Kelman Rd, Kelston                         
         12   Geneva Pl, Blockhouse Bay             
       21A   Manawa Rd, Remuera                     
      2/37   Winstone Rd, Mt Roskill                  
      1/72   Wallace Rd, Mangere Bridge          
      2/11   Harding Ave, Mt Wellington           
         11   Camellia Pl, Hillsborough                 
     473A   Richardson Rd, Mt Roskill               
           6   Freeland Ave, Mt Roskill                 
         66   Muir Ave, Mangere Bridge              
      1/62   Galway St, Onehunga                      
        4/2   Frost Rd, Hillsborough                     
         16   Canberra Ave, Lynfield                     
     A/76   View Rd, Henderson                        
           1   Waterview Rd, Favona                    
       79A   Goodall St, Hillsborough                  
           7   Olsen Ave, Hillsborough                  
    3/126   Mt Wellington Hwy, Mt Wellington                  
         16   Canberra Ave, Lynfield                     
      E/34   Neilson St, Onehunga                      
         11   MacLaurin St, Blockhouse Bay        
     X/97   Mays Rd, Te Papapa                        
      2/11   Harding Ave, Mt Wellington           
       267   Shirley Rd, Papatoetoe                    
         94   Mt Smart Rd, Onehunga                  
       110   Penney Ave, Mt Roskill                   
         63   Hendry Ave, Hillsborough                
         43   Waitangi Rd, Onehunga                   
     A/55   Amaru Rd, Onehunga                       
9/360A   Onehunga Mall, Onehunga              
      1/47   Luke St, Otahuhu                              
         30   Stamford Park Rd, Hillsborough      
         2A   Bristol Rd, Mt Roskill                       
         2A   Bristol Rd, Mt Roskill                       
      1/15   Miro Rd, Mangere Bridge                
     A/19   Gerbic Pl, Mt Roskill                        
           2   William Blofield Ave, Mt Roskill     
         17   Cormack St, Mt Roskill                    
     333a   Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough         
           4   Burbridge Rd, Favona                      
         68   Halsey Dr, Lynfield                          
         16   Shoreham St, New Windsor            
   A/119   Bolton St, Blockhouse Bay               
   G/202   Massey Rd, Mangere                      
       17A   Robson St, Mt Roskill                      
      1/72  Wallace Rd, Mangere Bridge
       370   Huia Rd, Titirangi
        5/4  Inkerman St, Onehunga
     514b   Blockhouse Bay Rd, Blockhouse Bay
       106   Penney Ave, Mt Roskill
       331  Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough
           9  Catton Cr, Hillsborough 
         27  Eaton Rd, Hillsborough
     479b  Richardson Rd, Mt Roskill
 3/1067  Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill 
LISTED & SOLD by Kam and Yogesh Dahya unless noted
RED by Jannette Wouters
~ LIST only by Kam/Yogesh Dahya, * SOLD by Kam/Yogesh Dahya


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