Enhancements Made to Online Hit Reports

Further to yesterday’s post about accessing your Hit Reports online, you will notice that there have now been a few changes made to this function on our private site. These changes have been made in response to feedback we have received from administrators and salespeople around the country, so thank you for your comments. 

You can now easily obtain previous reports by selecting the ‘Week Ending’ date from the drop down box available.  The hits and data reflected in the report will be those recorded for the seven days up to and including the date you have selected. 




Just to be clear on this – the data will include hits for any listing which has been on the site during those seven days.  We often get calls wondering why a listing is showing on the hit report when it was withdrawn from the site during the previous week.  As it was still on the website for a portion of that week, your current report will include hits for that listing up to the point it was withdrawn.

It is also important to note that the report will show the listing details as they were at the end of each week.  If you have subsequently changed details such as the suburb, price or salesperson, you will need to re-run the report using the coming week end date to see your listings as they are currently held in the system.

A new feature entitled ‘Page Breaks’ has been added, which I know will make life easier for a lot of people out there!  You can now check this box before you print the report and it will print out each salesperson’s hits on a separate page.  No more cutting and pasting!

This feature is only available online so while we will continue to send the Hit Reports by email,  it is important to note that you can always access the reports online to avail of this function and to readily access previous reports. 

Please feel free to share any comments you have regarding the new format.

June 18 2008 04:39 pm | Admin Hints & Tips

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