and Open2view Join Forces


You have probably noticed over the last six weeks or so, that a growing number of listings on our site now have a link to open2view photos, virtual tours and floor plans.  This is the result of an agreement between and open2view, which was announced on Unconditional back in March.  This mutually beneficial agreement enables us to feature open2view’s photographic portfolio for any listings which appear on both sites.  


If you have a listing on, which has been photographed by Open2view, we will automatically make the connection and add that content to your listing – assuming the full address has been provided.  If, for any reason, this does not work then simply email us with your listing number and the open2view number and we will set up the link.

Alternatively, you can login to our private site and enter the open2view number in the field provided under the ‘Quick Entry’ or ‘Publishing’ tabs on your listing.  The open2view photos will then be displayed on the following day.

May 06 2008 04:57 pm | Admin Hints & Tips and General and Website Services

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