If blogging is a key strategy for major international companies then it should be for your business!

I was drawn to this article on the excellent “Future of real estate marketing” blog. It speaks to the investment being made by some of the major global beer companies who are deep in a major comeptitive battle. The voice of a blog is their chance to tell the truth, as Joel says in this blog post, imagine if real estate companies (rather then just agents ) took the initiative to start to take control of the media about this industry and share some of the truths that “they” so often say the media twist to the media’s own ends.

I could see a valuable role being played by Barfoots or Harcourts just for example or the Professionals or Ray White taking a position and really sharing a high degree of transparency to demonstrate a side to this indusrty that is so often lacking.

 Ah well in the meantime until they wake up and smell the coffee it will remain for fellow bloggers on the Voices network to lead the way !!

April 30 2008 05:31 pm | Advice and Background to blogging

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