Choose a Professional E-mail Address

You may not realise it but your email address is a big part of your public image and you need to consider what your email address says about you.

As a real estate salesperson, you are providing a professional service and therefore should be using a professional email address.  You are in a position of trust and are quite often the recipient of sensitive information that people would not even share with their closest friends. 

So while you may think it is ok – even cute – to use a family email address such as, what this says to people you are dealing with is: “Please send me sensitive information about your property and your personal/financial position.  All your information will be treated in the strictest confidence, unless of course my kids get home from school early and check the emails before I do!”

The importance of a professional email address

Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme but using a Gmail, Hotmail or similar address just doesn’t do you any favours.  It does not promote a professional image, or suggest that the content of your messages are either professional or business related.  This is of particular concern given the fact that spam is such a big issue nowadays.  Your email may go straight to a spam folder or be deleted by the recipient without a second glance, as they did not realise that was in fact the email address of the salesperson they had spoken to earlier that day.

Another questionable choice is using the general office email address, such as  Not quite the personal touch people are looking for! This also affects your email response times as it may be hours or even the next day before an enquiry is passed on to you depending on how busy your administrators are.  

People want to know who they are dealing with and know that you are working in a professional capacity.  This is easily portrayed by an email address format such as  An email address like this not only demonstrates that you have a professional relationship with the company, but also helps to promote your company and drive traffic to their site, as most people will recognise that your email address includes the company’s domain name.

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