Faster Broadband for NZ, More Potential Buyers for You!

Yesterday, John Key announced that National, if elected, would invest up to $1.5 billion towards a fast broadband network for New Zealand.  The investment would be made over six years and would help to fund an upgrade of the current copper wire network to a fibre cable network and bring faster internet services to three quarters of New Zealand’s homes and companies.  

Faster broadband for New Zealand?  

It’s an ambitious plan, which would undoubtedly encounter its share of setbacks – like the recent Pt Chev ‘cabinetisation’ issue for example!  However, given last month’s news that the number of broadband subscribers has now overtaken dial-up users in New Zealand, it’s clear that somebody needs to deliver.  Our appetite for the internet is clearly growing and will play a major part in the country’s economic development. 

In terms of the real estate industry, the internet has changed the traditional role of the real estate agent.  Buyers and sellers now have access to a wealth of information, which was once exclusive to agents. Buyers no longer need you to find properties that suit their needs – they can do that online before they contact you.  Over 80% of real estate searches now begin online, with the average buyer spending six to eight weeks researching online before they even contact you.

Consumers expect to find all the information they require online and when it comes to real estate that means the following:

  1. Property address
  2. Accurate pricing
  3. Large, high quality images
  4. Maps

It’s a mistake to think that by omitting this information, you will encourage consumers to call or email you.  Instead, you are more likely to frustrate potential buyers and encourage them to go straight to your competitors, who provide the information they are looking for. 

Whatever happens with New Zealand’s broadband upgrade, it’s clear that the popularity of the internet will not diminish.  With an ever growing number of people accessing the internet, you need to step up and make sure you’re the person they come to for the information they need.

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5 Responses to “Faster Broadband for NZ, More Potential Buyers for You!”

  1. Ross on 23 Apr 2008 at 10:31 pm #

    To me John Key announcing a $1.5b spend on fast broadband was a bit of a joke/non event. Telecom are spending that amount cabinetising the whole country. They are required by Govt to do this within a certain timeframe.
    Telecom have used Pt Chevalier as their test bed for this roll out – and have subsequently had community meetings to discuss problems and get feedback from. As a result future cabinets may be installed within the grass berm and other options investigated.
    I can only say that Telecom have gone out of their way to accomodate the local community with this cabinet roll-out. Where the cabinets are against dark coloured walls or fences they are green, where they are against light coloured walls or fences they are cream. They could arrange easements and make payments to put the cabinets on private property recessed back from the footpath but it would take years for them to negotiate this whereas they can slap them on the footpath fast.
    So they have already run the fibre from the exchange to the cabinets then from the cabinet into the house with copper. If it is costing $1.4 billion for Telecom to do it this way, I can’t see how Key would expect to be able to run fibre into all households for anything like the figure he quoted.

  2. Ross on 23 Apr 2008 at 10:54 pm #

    Telecom have the first three years of their rollout plan available online on Cabinet Rollout , if anyone wants to see if and when they’re scheduled to receive a cabinet. They should click on the Excel spreadsheet linked from that page, and then search for the name of their town or suburb.

  3. Ross on 23 Apr 2008 at 10:59 pm #

    The cabinets could have been much smaller however Telecom were required by Govt to allow space in the cabinets for othe providers to put their equipment into them. I can tell you that anybody with a connection running off one of those cabinets in Pt Chev is pretty happy with the speed. At my home which is about as far from a cabinet as you can get I am getting download speeds of approx 9,000 kbps and upload of 759 kbps and less than $40 per month.

  4. Ross on 23 Apr 2008 at 11:35 pm #

    You can read all about the cabinetisation timeframe

    Within 4 years Telecom will have provided this new service to over 80% of households – so John Key you need to do a bit more research!

  5. Alistair Helm on 24 Apr 2008 at 8:43 am #

    To me the most important thing is the exposure to the criticality of this issue.

    If we do not get the connection speeds to our homes and business to match our global competitors we will be hamstrung and unable to effectively compete. We have a high adoption and usage of the internet already and broadband penetration is rocketing – as with the switch from dial up to broadband – once people experience hyper speed there opens up a new world.

    I am not one for government intervention in commercial business but the internet is as critcial to our future as our roads – both a critical highways and just as has been propsoed for roads a publci / private partnership is most likely to be the answer.

    So I gald it is on the political table – much as that will only encourage a slanging match – we might at least get an outcome that helps this country.

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