Spam – how do I handle it?

Firstly we have a spam filter on this blog platform, if you look under “comments” tab in the admin side of the site then you will see a record of all comments including some that have been caught by a programme called Aksimet Spam filter. Sadly just like email blogs are not immune to the lunatics of spammers. This programme filter should catch and remove all such inappropriate comments. I would recommend you trust this filter 100% of the time, because a post such as “Great site and useful content! Could you leave some opinion about my sites?”  or ” hi…    wonderful…” or “I agree with your views – great blog, could you leave me your views” are all spam by people using human or robot systems to create links.

December 19 2007 11:54 am | Handling comments on your blog

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  1. Real Estate Voices » Blog Archive » Comments on 21 Dec 2007 at 9:51 pm #

    […] Under comments you can see comments which have been written by visitors but have not been approved as well as ones you have approved. Also you will see the results of the spam filter. It is worth checking to see that no authentic comments have been caught in the filter. Be cautious and treat any comments in the spam as that – spam. For more info on this subject read the post “spam – how do I handle it“ […]

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