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Preparing for winter

With brisk mornings becoming more common and daylight hours beginning to fade, it’s worth being mindful about the winter ahead. And while we’re advocates of selling during these months when there’s less competition, it’s important that you give proper attention to a few key areas in order to effectively showcase your home.

Effective heating, lighting and insulation qualities are given more notice by purchasers when inspecting properties during the winter. Never underestimate the perception these create. If you’re selling an investment property, or a property that is likely to be suitable as a rental, it’s also important to remember that new insulation requirements come into effect from 1 July. Check out the team at Warm Fuzzies, they’ll provide you with an insulation assessment for $50 +GST as well as quotes from a handful of insulation installers to get your property up to scratch.

Appealing to these senses and making people feeling like they can live there like it’s their own home is also key. A warm house with fresh baking on a cold winter’s day is the ultimate welcome home feel! Remember – a home liked in winter is loved in the summer!

7 Reasons To Sell in Winter

Selling in winter

With another steady month of sales, and July traditionally being one of my stronger selling months, I thought it was worthwhile to share the virtues of selling in winter. Interestingly, during the recent storm our open homes were busier on the Saturday during the thick of the storm than the Sunday when the sun was shining. I guess buyers were thinking it was a great time to see how they performed.

1. Less competition
Traditionally homeowners hunker down in winter and then all decide to sell in spring. It makes so much sense to sell when everybody else isn’t.

2. Like it in winter, love it in summer
Buyers like to see your property in the worst conditions. If they like it now they will love it over the warmer months.

3. High and dry
What else need I say after this winter and with recent flooding buyers can see for themselves just how your home has fared – both inside and out.

4. Heating and insulation go hand in hand
Winter will test the quality of your insulation and heating system. Practically showing how these key components function in winter will inspire confidence with prospective purchasers. A well-insulated home maintains ambient heat.

5. Time to show off
if your home is warm, sunny and dry, winter is the great time to tell the world about it. Sun shining right into a living area will convince so much better than a 1,000 words spoken.

6. Ventilation
A breathing home is a healthy home. Crying windows is huge put off to prospective purchasers. If you don’t have a ventilation system, we suggest you at least air your home regularly.

7. Appeal to the senses
Baking, coffee and hot soup, the ultimate feel goods on a winter’s day! Time to sharpen those baking skills, and there is probably no better way to impress the crowds than fresh baking greeting you at the door.

Over the years I have found that winter is actually a good time to sell, and here at Team Griff we would rate the winter market a close second to that of the new year market. Selling in winter also sets you up well to purchase in the spring, when there are traditionally more homes on the market. So, if you are considering the merits of selling, why not contact us now – you too could be pleasantly surprised with a great result.

Buyer Must Haves

“Never mind the fancy kitchen and the off street parking- insulation and sunshine is what home buyers claim to be most interested in, according to a recent survey,” writes Liz McDonald in The Weekend Press.

One would wonder if the same question was asked in the middle of summer, if the priorities would be the same or are we creatures of comfort and short memories?

Long summer days always conjure up thoughts of outdoor living, balmy evenings and BBQs. I bet outdoor flow and alfresco dining would rate pretty high on the “must have list” in summer months.

There is no doubt some properties are better sold at different times of the year and presenting your home for the season certainly will bring the rewards for the trouble taken to create that sense of appeal and a lasting impression.

I would say 10 to 1 that homes with that instant appeal factor sell much easier and for better prices than the mundane and unattractive.

Perception is reality in a buyer’s mind and there is no better way to gauge the benefits than when presenting your home to sell.

On the other hand, if you are one of those rare people that is a visionary and have that special ability to clearly envisage the finished product you stand to do very well when house hunting – a keen eye for potential and the ability to see the end result could save you thousands.

It always amazes me just how many tidily made beds are featured in real estate adverts – who cares about the room, it’s how the bed looks that matters – doesn’t really make a lot of sense?

Happy house hunting, or if selling, “dress for success!”