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Preparing for winter

With brisk mornings becoming more common and daylight hours beginning to fade, it’s worth being mindful about the winter ahead. And while we’re advocates of selling during these months when there’s less competition, it’s important that you give proper attention to a few key areas in order to effectively showcase your home.

Effective heating, lighting and insulation qualities are given more notice by purchasers when inspecting properties during the winter. Never underestimate the perception these create. If you’re selling an investment property, or a property that is likely to be suitable as a rental, it’s also important to remember that new insulation requirements come into effect from 1 July. Check out the team at Warm Fuzzies, they’ll provide you with an insulation assessment for $50 +GST as well as quotes from a handful of insulation installers to get your property up to scratch.

Appealing to these senses and making people feeling like they can live there like it’s their own home is also key. A warm house with fresh baking on a cold winter’s day is the ultimate welcome home feel! Remember – a home liked in winter is loved in the summer!

5 strategic tips: Add value to your home

ADDING VALUE: Make sure that the money you put in will be money you can get back out when it is time to sell.

ADDING VALUE: Make sure that the money you put in will be money you can get back out when it is time to sell.

Via Stuff.co.nz

Remember the children’s book Doghouse for Sale? Well in it, Freckles the dog fixes up his house in order to attract prospective buyers. But after adding a fresh coat of paint, putting in a nice new bed and making everything look attractive for a buyer, he has second thoughts and decides to keep it.

It’s an oldie, but a goodie, and is a good analogy for what a lot of homeowners do today – they decide to do renovations for selling purposes, and, just like Freckles, discover the house they have is in fact the one they wanted all along.

In fact, even if selling isn’t in your immediate future plans, it’s still good to think about the overall value to the property with any changes you do make. So if you are planning refurbishment for your house, Bruce Wiggins, a registered valuer and team leader for the QVV Northern Region, says the first thing homeowners should do is stand in someone else’s shoes.

“The best thing is to try and objectively take note of the good and bad points about your property, then identify what can be upgraded/fixed, and what will have to stay as it is. Consider present and future needs, and then ascertain whether the home in its current state meets those needs, or can be altered to meet those needs.”

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