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Griff’s summer newsletter

Summer – a great time of the year…

The typical NZ summer means good times for most Kiwis as we embrace the festive season, longer days, beach holidays and more. For the real estate market, our homes look and feel the best and typically in the new year we come back from holiday refreshed with a positive mind-set keen to get our housing requirements on track. Inevitably the summer season is one of the better times to sell and given the current vibe 2014 will likely finish on a strong note.

The year that was…
Looking back on 2014 I think it would be fair to say that it has been “the year of the rebuild” with post-quake new builds popping up all over the city. The positivity and confidence this has brought to the overall real estate market has been noticeable and especially in the east/north-eastern suburbs has been a huge confidence booster. Capital growth has continued to be consistent to strong and the average list to sell period has remained short between the 25-30 day period supporting overall good demand.

Prepare for the new year…
Despite enquiry likely to remain consistent right up to Christmas beginning to prepare now is a good thing to do if you are looking to sell in the new year. In January this year several of my clients prepped their homes over the Christmas/new year period, launching their homes to the market around 20 January. Consequently these homes got a head start on most of their competition and all sold well, fetching good prices. A good plan and with most people taking a little while to get underway once back from holiday this can be a small window of opportunity to capitalise on.

The ‘as is, where is’ market…
While this market is looked upon from a bittersweet point of view I think it would be fair to say that it is consistently taking place including the hill, south, east and northern suburbs. While a reasonable number of these homes are being purchased by investors, equally Mums and Dads are buying, assisting the kids into this more affordable real estate, We are also seeing good interest from the construction sector, who are eyeing them as opportunities given the proven remediation techniques now readily available.

Be a good neighbour – free $50 meat voucher…
With the holiday season upon us and many properties left unoccupied, unfortunately those less scrupulous light fingered opportunists sometimes move in! So why not take the opportunity to have that chat with your neighbours to plan a bit of a neighbourhood security strategy for the festive/holiday season. In fact why not arrange that street BBQ and kill two birds with one stone! In support of good neighbourly relations Team Griff will donate a $50 Mad Butcher meat voucher for any street BBQ arranged between the months of December through February.

Availability over the holiday period
While I fully support the great Kiwi close down over the Christmas new year period one of my team will be on deck from early Jan to assist with your real estate plans and requirements – we are committed to getting the job done.

Be sure to check us out online for all things real estate.

Relax – eat – laugh – enjoy but keep and drive safe. Catch up soon!

Warm regards