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Counting the cost to sell

Going through the cost, time and inconvenience involved with preparing property for sale is something we all go through, myself included. Recently, my wife and I experienced this ourselves, where one of our rental properties required a pre-sale makeover and costs quickly escalated outside our original budget.

Now, nearing completion, to prepare the property for the market we’re in the process of staging it to ensure maximum effect when prospective buyers see it either online or in person. It’s an often overlooked area of the selling process but one we recommend nonetheless.

In the post-quake era we live in, a current property inspection provides extra peace of mind for prospective purchasers, as does a readily available LIM report (which we consider best practice). The right digital marketing plan is essential these days, and once all that is considered and the property is sold there’s the commission to take into account as well. When you add up all these costs against the investment you’ve made in your property, it goes without saying that you should expect a decent return come auction or sale day. It’s another good reason to hand pick a well-skilled agent with a proven track record and negotiation skills!

We encourage our sellers to give it their very best shot when it comes to selling. That way, when it comes to decision-making time, there is absolutely no question of whether anything else could have been done to extract a better result.

7 Reasons To Sell in Winter

Selling in winter

With another steady month of sales, and July traditionally being one of my stronger selling months, I thought it was worthwhile to share the virtues of selling in winter. Interestingly, during the recent storm our open homes were busier on the Saturday during the thick of the storm than the Sunday when the sun was shining. I guess buyers were thinking it was a great time to see how they performed.

1. Less competition
Traditionally homeowners hunker down in winter and then all decide to sell in spring. It makes so much sense to sell when everybody else isn’t.

2. Like it in winter, love it in summer
Buyers like to see your property in the worst conditions. If they like it now they will love it over the warmer months.

3. High and dry
What else need I say after this winter and with recent flooding buyers can see for themselves just how your home has fared – both inside and out.

4. Heating and insulation go hand in hand
Winter will test the quality of your insulation and heating system. Practically showing how these key components function in winter will inspire confidence with prospective purchasers. A well-insulated home maintains ambient heat.

5. Time to show off
if your home is warm, sunny and dry, winter is the great time to tell the world about it. Sun shining right into a living area will convince so much better than a 1,000 words spoken.

6. Ventilation
A breathing home is a healthy home. Crying windows is huge put off to prospective purchasers. If you don’t have a ventilation system, we suggest you at least air your home regularly.

7. Appeal to the senses
Baking, coffee and hot soup, the ultimate feel goods on a winter’s day! Time to sharpen those baking skills, and there is probably no better way to impress the crowds than fresh baking greeting you at the door.

Over the years I have found that winter is actually a good time to sell, and here at Team Griff we would rate the winter market a close second to that of the new year market. Selling in winter also sets you up well to purchase in the spring, when there are traditionally more homes on the market. So, if you are considering the merits of selling, why not contact us now – you too could be pleasantly surprised with a great result.

7 of 9 new listings sell

Sold Collage 2014

Seven of our last month’s nine listings have either gone under offer or sold. While purchasers are enjoying a typical spring marketplace of greater selection here at Team Griff our experience is that they’re selling as fast as we list them. Purchasers always pursue quality, well-marketed stock – it is perceived to be better value and they stand out from the crowd. Personally I believe the marketplace remains active and while some salespeople are lamenting longer selling periods and less intensity from purchasers, I believe it is simply a case of changing the game plan to meet the current conditions.

I think my PA hit the nail on the head when he said “the devil is in the detail”. I 100% agree and when representing a homeowner, it is the detail that can make all the difference. For example: is the photography up to scratch? Has the advertising copy been prepared to best target the appropriate market? Are the LIM, Title etc easily accessible online? Crossing these types of tees are the things we pay a lot of attention to, after all your property should be marketed and represented to the broader market professionally. Remember the horse that won the extra $1m did so only by a nose length! It is not much fun coming second when it comes to selling your home.

Introducing Tess – our new PA
Tess comes to us with a wealth of experience in the hospitality business and her capable management skills will unquestionably enable us to move Team Griff to the next level. She is keen to pursue a career in real estate, so where better to start than in the hot seat behind the scenes? So if you are in the Parklands Mall do pop in to say hello and watch this space – more good things are yet to come. Caleb, while busy training Tess, is also stepping up and is moving into sales, so it is all progress in a positive direction.

Enjoy show week next week and don’t hesitate to make contact if you are looking to sell either uninsured ‘as is, where is’ or a fully insured home, as our high buyer demand is leaving us very short on available stock.