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Why the New Year is a great time to sell

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Deciding when to sell is an important discussion most homeowners engage in prior to selling. Rating the new year market as a premium time to sell, Team Griff are already taking listings in preparation to hit the ground running in early 2018. Experience has taught us the new year market provides homeowners some real benefits when it comes to selling.

Here’s Team Griff’s key 8 reasons why to sell in the new year:

  1. Less immediate competition
  2. Time to prepare now ahead of a new year launch
  3. Purchasers are refreshed and enthusiastic in the new year
  4. Most of your pending competition are still relaxing on holiday
  5. It’s summer; the gardens look great and buyers are in a better mindset
  6. It’s an easier time to plan, plus it bodes well with new year job relocations
  7. With longer daylight hours there’s more flexibility to best showcase your home
  8. Simply push go now – we’ll do the preparation while you are enjoying family festivities

So if you thinking about selling be sure to touch base now to meet and “set sail” for a new year plan tailored to meet you specific criteria.

We are not the team if you want the cheapest commission, but do call us if you want experience, local knowledge and a team of experienced negotiators you can trust to get the very best possible result – our point of difference and your best saving! Let’s not forget the Harcourts machine and brand that has the reputation of premium selling prices.

When experience counts, whether it’s your earthquake-damaged home or your palace we have the bases covered. We’ll tailor a plan best suited for your circumstances, you, and your home!

Contact us today to discuss your plans on 0274 330 445 or info@teamgriff.co.nz.

Be Sold By Christmas!

Bs Sold by XmasHere at Team Griff we are all about being one step ahead of the market.
Identifying current market trends and in order to maintain a proactive approach we are rolling out our “Be SOLD by Christmas” campaign. Our aim is to enable home owners to capitalise on this pre-Christmas window of opportunity.

Being sold by Christmas means you can kick back to enjoy the festive season prior to a 2018 settlement. Not only are our marketing packages designed to have it all wrapped up by Christmas, our client-tailored sale and purchase agreements drafted specifically to your needs and pre-approved by your solicitor will provide the peace of mind to sign it off anytime during this busy time of year. We call it best practise for a home owner and that’s what we are all about. Team Griff provides marketing and selling solutions that will minimise stress while providing a competitive advantage.

Teaming up with lead salesperson Peter Griffioen “Griff”, our team approach provides the advantage of experience with all activity shared by the same two team members throughout the campaign: teamwork for better results.

So, if you are contemplating selling, be sure to call/email us today to see how our “Be SOLD by Christmas” campaign will work for you, but remember time is running out so best do it now!

1,000+ ‘as is purchasers at the click of a button

As Is

Effective online database

With our first as is where sale dating back to May 2012 and 185 sales later it’s probably fair to say the that Team Griff have the t-shirt when it comes to ‘as is, where is’ sales.

As the lead consultant of this innovative team of consultants, I have always said systems are key to a successful real estate operation. Team Griff’s efficient way of harvesting email contacts has equated to now having an as is where is data base well north of 1000 subscribers.

A simple system of accumulating enquiry generated whilst marketing these well-followed and sought-after listings has provided us with a massive advantage when it comes to marketing any ‘as is, where is’ property Christchurch-wide. Whether it be on the hills or by the beach in the east, the chances are we have a buyer, or rather a handful of buyers for your ‘as is, where is’ property.

Just today I quipped to a potential client: “If I can’t find a buyer for your home from our 1000 strong ‘as is, where is’ database then I probably deserve to be sacked!”

Each time we list a property we simply email this target market which results in well attended open homes and consistent direct enquiry. We’re also in regular contact with some of the city’s most active buyers.


Property specific information online

Further, we also provide extensive property specific info at TeamGriff.co.nz where engineering, geotechnical, EQC and other pertinent property information is uploaded as each new listing is launched to the market.

Prospective purchasers relish the fact that any and all of our listings have the information readily available which in turn saves them time and money because they can drill down to the properties best suited for their specific needs before leaving home.

Empowering people with creditable information is key to building confidence, which in turn means they can make well informed and sensible decisions. Tradespeople and specialised remedial companies can often have a good grasp of the cost and type of remediation strategy needed for a property by the time they inspect. It is no wonder like today, we sold a property at auction with three committed bidders in the room following the property just being on the market for a mere five days!


Can anybody sell them?

Many agents are putting their hand up to sell these feistily sought-after properties. However, unquestionably it is a specialist who can provide the experience, knowledge and expertise to not only sell them but also maximise the result. Understanding everything from the claim settlement process, to a having a solid grasp of the real damage and structural status, through to the critical contractual terms, is vital. Actually drafting the contractual terms to adequately protect both purchaser and vendor is of utmost importance. The potential consequences of an incorrectly drafted sale and purchase agreement are far reaching, let alone costly and stressful.

Here at Team Griff we can take that stress away and have robust systems in place to ensure a seamless process from listing through to sold and for a happy thereafter.

Call us today in confidence to talk about the sale or purchase of uninsured as is where is property. It’s a market we know like the back of our hand.

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‘As is’ market builds momentum

As Is Blog PostIt would be fair to say that the “as is where is” market is continuing to build momentum as the practice has simply become an accepted option when considering which way forward with a quake damaged property. Since late last year we have noted that competition for these perceived bargain properties has moved up a level.

Broader cross section of buyers
No longer is it only investors that are seizing these “opportunities” as high yielding rentals; we are now seeing a much broader buyer profile following this niche market. Active participants include builders and those in the construction industry who have the necessary skills and technology to appropriately remediate and return the property back to an insurable level. Also in the mix are parents assisting children into their first home and we now even have a good following for these properties being secured as the family home.

Filling gap of affordable housing
I’ve quoted this before, but in an unusual but positive way the ‘as is, where is’ market is providing a viable solution for affordable housing in Christchurch. Quite frankly I can understand why people say “at this price we can live with a crack in the floor slab or settlement of between 50 – 120mm”. While it is important to make a well-considered decision, take advice and to check over the reports in detail, unquestionably a large percentage of these homes are structurally sound.

My team and I have been have taken a consistent approach to insisting on professional reports and in making those readily available to the prospective purchasers when marketing these properties. This I believe has helped bring transparency and ultimately credibility to this emerging market, housing that we believe in most instances will be around for some time yet.

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As leaders of the “as is where is” marketplace and now with 87 properties sold through utilising our skills and proven marketing programme you can subscribe to our e-notifications in order to be advised when Team Griff’s new listings first come online. Click here to subscribe.

I look forward to meeting you on the street in the marketplace and do feel free to make direct contact with one of my team or read more at Griff.net.nz.

“As is” market moves into the next gear

2 Riverside Ln_025

SOLD: 2 Riverside Lane, Spencerville. Listed on Friday, sold at an auction brought forward to the following Monday.

Observing the activity of the as is market over recent weeks and months it is interesting to note how this niche market is unfolding. Having evolved from “rogue real estate agents sell condemned homes” to “Fendalton home sells ‘as is’ for $1.2m” brings an interesting shift in both the perception and the acceptance of the practise of selling these uninsured properties.

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A strong finish to the financial year…

Having just signed out of another financial year on a very positive note I am pleased to report that the year finished a lot stronger than it started (2012 was one of my quietest winters on record). While in-house real estate rankings (in my opinion) are a not true gauge of success it was satisfying to finish the year as the number one salesperson for the Parklands office. 

They say success follows busy people and yes I definitely am that, however I prefer to say, that success follows good clients and I can certainly testify to a great clientele! What more can I say than a big thank you; for your support and your belief in my expertise. The success stories that we have created together has made it all worthwhile.

Autumn a positive start
As opposed to last year the Griff Team’s start to the new financial year is most positive – in fact intense would probably sum it up better – we have a large number of new listings due to be feed into the marketplace over the next 4-6 weeks, so watch this space, we have some quality stock about to be launched onto the open market.

Listed this week
9 Evergreen Place – a stunning home of prominence providing luxury and space for the modern or large family. The first open home is today (Wednesday) and the property will be open each Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 1.00pm so be sure to check it out.

List to sell period down…
As above, with 70% of my business being transacted through the auction process the average list to sell period for those properties was a mere 22 days! Now that has got to be a real winner for clients and while I generally strike up a robust and positive working relationship with my clients I think it is fair to say that most prefer minimal intrusion into their busy lifestyles when selling.

So again, thank you for your support and the opportunity to work with you over these last twelve months. I look forward to another positive year ahead and to the opportunity of assisting with real estate solutions in these exciting times during the rebuild phase of our city.