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Parklands Foundations Laid

213 Queenspark Drive – watch this space…

Locals Diane and Jason Smith are delighted that their Queenspark Drive property rebuild is under way. While never fast enough, it is a huge boost for them (and the community) to see the rebuild begin in earnest. They are comfortable that the new building code will stand them in good stead for the years to come. What’s more, they will end up with a new home built far stronger and to a better standard than any pre-quake home that they could have elected to purchase should they have cashed out with their insurer. I would have to say that I believe this is a good option for locals and I appreciate that it is not always viable, but for your own benefit and that of rebuilding a stronger community I encourage you to consider it.

Good on you Diane and Jason, it is great to see you being the trailblazers and I am sure in the long run you will come out a lot better off. We will be watching this space and while you won’t be in for Christmas, I am sure you will get to enjoy many happy years in your new home.

Enjoy the sun shine while it lasts and if you are like me and heading away for the long weekend, drive carefully and enjoy those special times with family and friends.