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Insurance rebuilds sell well

SOLD: 31 Queenspark Drive, an insurance rebuild, went under offer in its first week on the market for $475,000.

SOLD: 31 Queenspark Drive, an insurance rebuild, went under offer in its first week on the market for $475,000.

Demand strong
This Thursday will see the settlement of our third insurance replacement/new build home that clients have asked us to sell. The demand for these new homes has been strong with two of the three selling prior to marketing, and the third after just one week on the market. The appeal of these properties is being recognised by locals, and when considering them amongst their peers, buyers need little convincing that they are a wise choice. Brand new always has appeal, not to mention future-proofed foundation systems, quality insulation factors and the like.

Values higher than their peers
Our experience is that purchasers are happy to pay more for these homes on the basis of the perceived value for money and the quality and peace of mind of a seismically-proofed home is not hard to justify. Besides these homes are still considerably more affordable than their counterparts in new subdivisions where land and building costs are looking to be recouped by a speculator, building company or owner.

Locals like to live local
These homes have appeal for locals as they like to live within the community that they are familiar with and these areas often provide the amenities and services needed nearby. Besides older communities and suburbs have soul and it’s nice to have that assurance that you will fit into a community, especially so if you already know the locals.

Rebuilding a good choice
Not only for the reasons above, but I often find myself encouraging clients to consider rebuilding when tossing up their insurance options. With so many rebuilds emerging on the horizon and new homes replacing just about every home that is demolished, the vibe is very positive. In fact I would say this is one of the biggest confidence boosters for the eastern suburbs – a very clear message that says “there is life after such a devastating event” – so good on those who have made the choice to rebuild. You won’t regret it and you will stand to get rewarded handsomely when you do choose to sell which has already been proven by the sales to date.

Have a good week and continue to enjoy the upsides of our post-quake rebuild!