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Busy, But Good

This last week has certainly had plenty of variety both personally and as a community. Right from the threats of potential school closures and mergers, more revealed from the Commission of Inquiry into the CTV building failure and the sadness of carnage on our city roads. The positive highlight for me was a couple of days on the Gold Coast late last week with 25 of my colleagues from Harcourts Gold on an incentive trip that we all qualified for. We all took some time out from our day to day businesses to relax, share ideas and enjoy the unique Gold family culture without the normal work pressure. The beach and the mild weather were a real treat – a great tonic for both body and soul!

Here are a few gems from a brief training session with Mike Green our Managing Director:

  • The importance of having the right people around you
  • Have the passion to push through and beyond because there are going to be knockers
  • People want to be inspired, have faith, experience honesty and integrity.
  • New business is five times harder to obtain or create than existing business

Well that is probably about enough for now, however do be sure to check out my website at www.griff.net.nz as we have listed a couple of new properties both in the Queenspark area and are worthwhile taking a look at. One falls into the “very affordable” basket due to the owners having negotiated a cash settlement with their insurers and now selling on the open market, while the other stands strong on TC2 land and owners having jumped the “ditch” – both spell opportunity!

I’m loving this sun and here’s to another great week!

Some Food for Thought…

Did you know that 73 percent of people are concerned how their kids will ever afford a house?  My answer to this is –  it is a matter of the mind – think that you can’t and you won’t be disappointed, believe that can and you also won’t be disappointed! Just last week I sold a fully insured property for $136,000 – there is always a bargain out there if you are prepared to look and also roll your sleeves up and muck in.

22 percent of people say “Nothing I do will make a difference to my financial situation”. I say everything you do makes a difference, either positively or negatively. After all we determine our destiny – it’s all about attitude and choice.

The sooner we all learn to take self responsibility, the better people we become and perhaps the world becomes a better place to be too.

Spring is great time to make some chances, why not start today? Enjoy!

Time – We All have the Same Amount of it

I thought you might like thisreading the below article the other day it really struck a note with me. Probably because I struggle with mastering time, especially so in this industry that can be so demanding on ones time. I like what it says about “scheduling in reverse” putting the most important priorities in place. Check it out for yourself and I hope you get some value from it too.

Eileen Silva Kindig writes:

Time is so precious that God gives it to us a moment at a time. ‘The years…pass quickly, and then we are gone.’ So what will you have to loo back on? Hours spent working overtime or hours spent with your loved ones?

Kindig recommends:

  1. Remember who’s in charge. Manage your time, don’t let it manage you. Think through commitments before you make them. Decide what’s important. The urgent seldom is.
  2. Schedule in reverse. Put your real priorities on the calendar first, then add the rest.
  3. Drop one thing from your schedule; for example, spending two afternoons less a month volunteering frees you to enjoy lunch with your spouse.
  4. Be, rather than do. Think. Pray. Relax in a chair.
  5. Get your spouse’s perspective on how you’re spending your time, and what may be stealing it.
  6. Be honest about your limitations. You can’t manufacture time; we all get the same amount.
  7. Keep a list of your commitments by the phone so you think twice before adding to it.

Well, one thing I do plan to do over this long weekend is take some time out from my business and head down to Twizel for a relaxed weekend. Fishing, chilling and a good soak in the outdoor bath are already scheduled, so I guess I am making a start.

I trust you can enjoy some time with family and those close to you over the weekend too – do take care on the roads.

Finally, all the very best for my clients who are taking their homes to auction tomorrow. 107 Bower Avenue and 49A Wainoni Road. If you haven’t already, do make sure you check them out as with both properties the reserve prices are exceptionally realistic!

Motivation from Tony’s Tyre Service

Steve Lange, former owner of Tony's Tyre Service, speaks to a group of business owners at the Westpac Business Hub.

Don’t you just hate their ads (I know my wife does) but I really like his story – Steve Lange, former owner of the business, gave a talk at the “Get Into It Christchurch” campaign. Stuff.co.nz reports:

Lange said that given the events of the past 18 months, it was the businesses who could teach him.

“It’s incredible how they have not only survived but their whole attitude, I haven’t come across anyone with their head between their knees asking for pity.”

Their attitude was that there was always someone worse off than they were, Lange said.

He believes he got through the tough times in his business career thanks to the people around him and the culture of enthusiasm and positive attitudes they created. It was the people that worked within an organisation that set it apart from competitors, he said.

And it translated into more sales for the business.

“People enjoy dealing with enthusiastic, positive people. Enthusiasm is infectious, but so is negativity.”

A “larrikin” as a youngster, Lange lived in Cambridge and says he was kicked out of school at the age of 15. By 16, he was in a bit of trouble and realised he needed to make a change.

He hitchhiked to Hastings with nothing but a backpack and $20. He decided then that whatever he did, he needed to give it “100 per cent”.

I like the tenacity of the guy, especially someone who has come from nothing who conceived a dream, believed it and forged ahead to make it a success – true Kiwi determination and grit. Good on yer Tony, whoops I mean Steve – those adverts do get to you!

We Did It!

Well the mighty ABs pulled it off, but boy what a cliff hanger! It’s the old story of the “the horse that won an extra $1,000,000 did it by its nose”. Likewise the All Blacks won the trophy by an equally slim margin, but with true Kiwi bias, I would have to say our boys deserved to win given their most consistent performance.

Well enough said about the rugby, and for a lot of us we can now get on with our lives with a relief that it is all over and that we finally have our hands on the Web Ellis Cup. There is, however, something that I find interesting about winners and that is their determination and passion to succeed. Robbie Deans summed it up when interviewed after one of the Wallabies’ games speaking of how the ABs really wanted to win and had the “fire in their belly”. Winning is just as much about “head space” as it is about human ability or skill, and the French certainly displayed that even before the kick off.

The power of focus and determination is simply amazing and when we look back at the great men and woman of the past, they all possessed those same attributes. I guess we are all masters of our own destiny by the choices and mindset we engage in – quite scary really, as it is on the flipside very exciting. Just imagine how we could all change the world we live in by igniting a worldwide epidemic of passionate positive people!

Enjoy the moment and celebrate the occasion!

There’s nothing like persistence…

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

Talent will not – nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not – unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.

Education will not – the world is full of educated failures.

Persistence and determination alone are unbeatable.

Calvin Coolidge, President of the United States 1923-1929

I trust you’re having a fabulous week, and like me, I hope you find the above quote inspiring and motivating!