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Be Sold By Christmas!

Bs Sold by XmasHere at Team Griff we are all about being one step ahead of the market.
Identifying current market trends and in order to maintain a proactive approach we are rolling out our “Be SOLD by Christmas” campaign. Our aim is to enable home owners to capitalise on this pre-Christmas window of opportunity.

Being sold by Christmas means you can kick back to enjoy the festive season prior to a 2018 settlement. Not only are our marketing packages designed to have it all wrapped up by Christmas, our client-tailored sale and purchase agreements drafted specifically to your needs and pre-approved by your solicitor will provide the peace of mind to sign it off anytime during this busy time of year. We call it best practise for a home owner and that’s what we are all about. Team Griff provides marketing and selling solutions that will minimise stress while providing a competitive advantage.

Teaming up with lead salesperson Peter Griffioen “Griff”, our team approach provides the advantage of experience with all activity shared by the same two team members throughout the campaign: teamwork for better results.

So, if you are contemplating selling, be sure to call/email us today to see how our “Be SOLD by Christmas” campaign will work for you, but remember time is running out so best do it now!

Christchurch’s graffiti house draws a crowd

A last hurrah: 38 Cranford Street gets covered in street art before its impending demolition.

A last hurrah: 38 Cranford Street gets covered in street art before its impending demolition.

One of the things I love the most about our city’s rebuild is this new burst of creativity that we see all around town – Gap Filler’s quirky installations in CBD, the stunning wall murals by local artists, the clever work by Scape Public Art, the list goes on… There’s just something incredibly refreshing about it all, and it gets me rather hopeful of what our re-engergised and redeveloped city is soon going to look like.

In a similar vein, St Albans homeowner Ren Bell has had his soon to be demolished bungalow made over completely in street art.

Upwards of 25,000 people have toured the house, with a local band even filming their debut music video there.

The home is to be demolished at the end of the week, but plans are already underway for another graffiti house.

While I wouldn’t recommend this type of interior/exterior design if you’re looking to sell, it’s certainly a clever way to see off your old property before it’s reduced to a pile of rubble!