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One Year Closes, Another Dawns…

What is there to be said about 2011 that has not already been said a thousand times over? I think it’s safe to say that this year has been one that most of us a here in Canterbury will be happy to close the door on rather firmly! As far as real estate goes this year has certainly had its highs and its lows, however I am very pleased to note that 2011 is finishing on a high note. Demand for property and values are trending upward, coupled with volume returning to the levels of the stronger market in the early 2000s. Relocating post-quake “red zone” buyers continue to be actively pursuing property and the vibe in the market is rather positive.

The New Year Market…
While I am a true believer in the “great Kiwi summer holiday” and like to clock out for a decent break, this year I will be making an early start as it is my belief that the new year market will begin with vigour. Personally, I already have three properties poised ready to be launched to the market in January with an overseas email just this morning giving me the go ahead with the fourth!

What else can I say, but that the timing is right and it is my professional opinion that this active market shift will only gain momentum as the year gets underway.

Why will the market gain momentum?
As above, currently the market is being driven by supply and demand with displaced earthquake buyers looking to purchase some normality for their lives. The second phase I believe will kick in from February when the rebuild gets underway in earnest, drawing huge numbers of trades people into town. Finally, the third phase of momentum will result from the sheer volume of funds being circulated within the local economy – it always ends up being spent on real estate! The bottom line is that the future looks good for Canterbury and for the local housing market.

Team Griff back on deck in the New Year
Like most Christchurch people we will be clocking out this Friday to enjoy a well-earned break and we will be back in town by Thursday 12 January to prepare for a busy start to the year the following week. As always, my trusty mobile will be on hand if you need to talk. Simply leave a message if I don’t answer as I will be probably be out fishing trying to catch that big one!

So here’s to a fabulous Christmas and may you be spoilt with many magic moments, laughter and good times with family and friends.