Watch this space…

Further to my last blog post, yes I have had the call up to market another property that has also been deemed uneconomic to reinstate so do keep an eye on my blog and website for more hot properties coming onto the market shortly.

Mum, Dad & the Kids plus Gran on 1255sqm
While this is a quite different scenario to the “uninsured” property, for those of you who were looking for BIG with multiple bedrooms and bulk then this is the property for you. The accommodation versatility this property offers with 6 bedrooms is really quite impressive. Understandably with 360sqm of usable space provided, this executive townhouse with attached unit is very persuasive viewing! Check it out at

Auction should be in the mix…
If there is ever the opportunity, or a possibility that a property may attract competitive interest, selling your home by auction should always be in your consideration basket. Why?  Quite frankly there is no other better system, pricing structure, or technique that provides this platform of success for a seller like auction does. Almost daily I am hearing stories of multiple offers and competitive bidding. While we might have reservations about the auction process, consider the results – they speak volumes and this is auction season!

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