Motivation from Tony’s Tyre Service

Steve Lange, former owner of Tony's Tyre Service, speaks to a group of business owners at the Westpac Business Hub.

Don’t you just hate their ads (I know my wife does) but I really like his story – Steve Lange, former owner of the business, gave a talk at the “Get Into It Christchurch” campaign. reports:

Lange said that given the events of the past 18 months, it was the businesses who could teach him.

“It’s incredible how they have not only survived but their whole attitude, I haven’t come across anyone with their head between their knees asking for pity.”

Their attitude was that there was always someone worse off than they were, Lange said.

He believes he got through the tough times in his business career thanks to the people around him and the culture of enthusiasm and positive attitudes they created. It was the people that worked within an organisation that set it apart from competitors, he said.

And it translated into more sales for the business.

“People enjoy dealing with enthusiastic, positive people. Enthusiasm is infectious, but so is negativity.”

A “larrikin” as a youngster, Lange lived in Cambridge and says he was kicked out of school at the age of 15. By 16, he was in a bit of trouble and realised he needed to make a change.

He hitchhiked to Hastings with nothing but a backpack and $20. He decided then that whatever he did, he needed to give it “100 per cent”.

I like the tenacity of the guy, especially someone who has come from nothing who conceived a dream, believed it and forged ahead to make it a success – true Kiwi determination and grit. Good on yer Tony, whoops I mean Steve – those adverts do get to you!

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