Why Blogg For the Sake of Hearing Your Own Voice?


Yes I know the blog is called voices, but it seems to me some contributors have very little else to do and just like to hear the sound of their own ‘voices’

Now maybe I’m wrongand maybe its just me but when I see some participants on voices I think ‘oh no not them again’ and just skip right past the entry.  For the voices blog to have relevance and interest to the industry it must be kept relevant and credible. Some of the rubbish posted just seems to be another exercise in getting my face exposed again.

I don’t want to know about your latest listings or how well your office has done – I want industry relevant commentary, debate and dialogue. A great example of a thought provoking article is ‘ALL A TWITTER’ by David Leggat yesterday.


Poor blog content hurts your search engine recognisition see  http://robbsutton.com/2009/poor-blog-content-hurting-your-search-engine-results/

Maybe the place for some of the comment we are seeing on this blog is on twitter as this seems to be a medium of shorter daily commentary.


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  1. I have read your blogg and maybe there is something in what you say and it’s an interesting opinion. However, is not the whole point of blogging opportunity to give your own opinion on the topic that interests you? I find most blogs have something that stirs my thinking so what could be better then that? Well Greig that’s my opinion I hope you will also put it into the category of an interesting point of view. Even if you don’t agree with it.

  2. avatar Steve Taylor says:

    I do agree with you.

    A blog should be about something personal to the blogger not just the latest rate change or whatever has been reported in the papers. If you report a change in news why not give some new comment that the press or news may have not covered. If I do not have much to say or ask I do not Twitter on about myself or my listings or things that have been already reported by the media (old news).

  3. Greig…further to your point about blog or spam blog how many have we seen here on “Voices” that come on like a CD at an advertising agency, post a flurry, 1-2-3 in a day or so and then never see/hear from them again. Its amazing how in 2009 some still don’t get it. In fact you’ve got me on to a dear point here…and therefore before I run out of space I will post my thoughts on this topic tonight.

  4. One last thing…and hopefully the powers that be here are watching or reading this…I believe that as a whole this “Voices” platform needs a 24hr, heck even a 48hr delay in automatically pushing a new entrants posts forward. I believe it would add to creditability if you had to indicate via your posts that you were serious about your content, and not just coming from a “copy & pasting” from your database listing info background.

  5. Warwick – agree with the general gist of what you are saying, but in the context of going “to the source” so to speak, my belief for this platform to gain serious traction it should reflect just the pertinent subject matter that it was created for, Real Estate in NZ. That is not to say other thoughts aren’t worthy of a post but perhaps sometimes the sort of info we see might be better suited to a comment field for a relative post, or if the “postie” feels so passionate setting up their own blog over at blogger.com? Hope you see my point here.

  6. avatar Alistair Helm says:

    As ever Greig you have sensed the issue and got people thinking.

    Clearly with 18 months under our belt with Voices there needs to be some review and assessment of the priority of what is presented and contributed.

    Having said that – one of the fundamentals of the web in general and social media in particular is openness and allowing the customer to judge value. It would be very hard to moderate the Voices platform. I sense the need is to address the presentation of the content, not to attempt to filter the content.

  7. Just to add a bit more to the debate. My belief is that this forum is for us to promote ourselves and NZ Real Estate not only to each other but to anyone else reviewing the blog forum as well. Are we not creating an identity by the content in our blog and in so doing helping people to realise that Real Estate Agents are not all “sharks” as described by some, but infact are proffessionals in their field and also human beings beneath that.
    I agree that in some cases the material appears to be copy and paste and not very relevant to building a person or the industry’s profile. This will reflect however in the readers opinion of the blogger. Other bloggers share some personal experiences which are not strictly relevant to NZ Real Estate but certainly bring the human element to the blog site which I would hate to loose through moderation.
    I know from my own point of view it is often the human aspect of people which would make me choose them as an agent.

  8. avatar Rodney Dunn says:

    Hi Greig.

    Haven’t visited this forum for some time now however it seems nothing much has changed … same old ho hum.

    I left the real estate in January after 15 successful and enjoyable years and one thing I don’t miss are all those salespeople, owners and managers blagging about them selves.

    Nice to see someone who is still not afraid to voice an opinion. Whilst in the industry I saw this as a problem as most RE folk are to pc.

    Hope all is going well for you. Cheers.

  9. Thanks Rodney – Life is a coincidence sometimes in that I was on your site last night after not having had much time recently to look at blogs – I saw that you had retired (temporarily) to the garden.
    I agree agents are to PC – even now if I write something a little critical or something disagreeing with somebody else I feel a little guilty or maybe disloyal. Does this come from being mindful of the Code of Ethics and having to be mindful of not critcizing other agents?

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