Residential Statistics for Hamilton for March 2014

No Housing Boom in New Zealand Real Estate Market

The edge continues to come off the Nations (New Zealand) so called housing boom.

In Hamilton New Zealand our housing market has performance last 20 years

March 1994  –  419 Houses sold in Hamilton

March 2014  –  255 Houses sold in Hamilton

‘Hey, we have 35% more houses than we did 20 years ago’, I hear you ‘shout’.  Yes, that’s right!!.  So, don’t tell me or shout from the roof tops about a booming market.

In the last 7 years we have averaged 233 sales per year, in the 7 years prior we averaged 343 sales per annum  –  No boom exists, it never did exist and it did not need Reserve Bank interference to stop the so called boom.


March 1992-2014 Sales


March 2014 Rise and Fall of House Sales 2004 - 2013March 2014 House Price Movement 2009 - 2014

March 2014 Sales and days to sell

March 2014 Median Sale Prices Monthly over last 13 Months

March 2014 Suburban Break down of Sales

March 2014 Suburban Break down of Median Sale Prices

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