Residential Statistics for Hamilton and Other Large Cities in New Zealand for May 2014

Hamilton and the rest of NZ continues to struggle under the weight of LVR restrictions on the back of the GFC contraction world wide – lets not forget this whole mess was created by big banks and big bankers.

I must continue to highlight that the Regions have never had a real estate boom – only Auckland and Christchurch had a so called boom in sales and that is well gone with sales now down in all sectors for May.

Be sure to see the last graph in the set below to see what all the major centres are doing but with Auckland down 9% (213 sales)for February, 10% (324 sales) for March and now 15% (415 sales) in May – clearly any real commentator with no outside barrow to push can see that the heat is gone from the market.


May 1992-2014 Sales

May 2014 Rise and Fall of House Sales 2004 - 2013

May 2014 House Price Movement 2009 - 2014 1

May 2014 Sales and days to sell

May 2014 Median Sale Prices Monthly over last 13 Months

May 2014 Suburban Break down of Sales

May 2014 Suburban Break down of Median Sale Prices

Comparisons All Cities Surveyed May 2004

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