Residential Statistics for Hamilton and Other Large Cities – April 2014

House Sales Subside

Hamilton House sales continue to contract in the post LVR world.

At the moment, there is a lot of hype out there about how well the New Zealand economy is doing.  Well, apart from dairy farmers (drought aside) and banks (huge bank profits registered) the only sectors doing okay are Auckland and Christchurch.  The regions continue to suffer.

This month’s huge drop in house sales for Hamilton highlights the fragile market place.

This month’s (April 2014) sales results in the entire Hamilton house sales market place was 204 against 250 for 2013  –  returning to sales levels close to the depressing post global financial crisis years.

The market could now under perform until post the elections set for September 2014.

Check out this link for the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand…..

April 1992-2014 Sales


April 2014 Rise and Fall of House Sales 2004 - 2013

April 2014 House Price Movement 2009 - 2014 1

April 2014 Sales and days to sell

April 2014 Median Sale Prices Monthly over last 13 Months

April 2014 Suburban Break down of Sales

April2014 Suburban Break down of Median Sale Prices


 April 2014 Major City Sales Summary









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