Housing Statistics for Pokeno July 2015


Housing Statistics for Pokeno July 2015

Pokeno is booming but house sales are low – driving on the Waikato Express Way passed Pokeno and you see hundreds of new home.  In fact by the end of the year it is expected that at least 490 new home will have been completed in Pokeno.

As is the fashion these days we find the developer selling sections direct to Group Home spec builders who construct the home and sell direct to the first home buyer.  Two years ago when development started in Pokeno houses were selling for $450,000 now this figure is $600,000.

New residents in Pokeno enjoy the village style living and are commonly enjoying there residence.  We are seeing 3 -4 sales per month in the town on average.  This is not high!

L J Hooker Pokeno are pleased  to announce that an additional office is set to open in Tuakau this month – this to support the efforts of our fabulous staff.  So if you are looking to sell please support your local  L J Hooker office – we employ local people, we spend locally and put back into the community.

Pokeno Houses Sold July 2015

Pokeno Houses Sold and Days to sell July 2015Pokeno Houses Median Sale v Govt. Value  July 2015

Pokeno Houses Median Sale Prices  July 2015

Pokeno Houses Total Value  July  2015

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