Have We Been ‘Dogged’?

Have We Been ‘Dogged’?

Are The Public Rogues?

Scenario – Lovely freehold property in a West Coast beach town. Lots of less popular leasehold property also in this town.

Hard working salesperson who travels to this quiet town (there’s no in town sales agency – it’s too small), a distance of 100kms or so. The Salesperson works all week in Hamilton, then sells in our town on the weekends.

He lists a nice freehold property, then puts up a sign, puts a flyer advertising the property in his display board in the main street of our quiet township, puts it on the internet. Fast forward 1 – 3 weeks and after showing the property to a prospect, talks to the neighbour – they have seen the sign board and seen him showing the property – he tells them all about the property.

Dog Hand

Our hard working Salesperson carries on and does a great job, shows a dozen people through over the next 2-3 months, but our Vendor wants $350,000 plus, and gets an offer at $308,000, which the Salesperson feels he could get up into the $330,000’s, but the determined Vendor signs back at $350,000 plus, our Buyer walks.  More time goes by and our Salesperson gets told the Vendor wants to withdraw and now keep the property – no problem.

Fast forward a few weeks and what do we see – works happening at the property – what might you think?

Yes, I know and yes you are right.

Sold to the neighbour.

Sad Dog

Why – neighbour wanted to get away from their leasehold title and loving the little township wanted a Freehold property.

How did this happen? Neighbour saw the For Sale sign and spoke with the Salesperson, the sign effected notice to the neighbour of property for sale. Then went around the back door and purchased direct from the Vendor. You know the kicker though – is that the sale is at $315,000 and remember the Salesperson had an offer months before which could have been done at $330,000ish. Let’s say $330,000 – commission would have been $15,000 and a sale of the empty house much earlier, giving the Vendor his $315,000.

Now the Vendor – an older gentleman with health deteriorating, has a great rapport with our Salesperson, but the withdrawal finally comes from his smarter son who by this time is looking after dads affairs.

So, the son lies to the Salesperson when he just wants to withdraw the property, when he knows he has sold to the neighbour. Dad, who has been honest and true all his life now has to live his last years knowing he has ‘dogged’ the Salesperson.

Dog no Bone

All this just to get the same money the Salesperson could have had for them months earlier.

What are your thoughts??….

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4 Responses to Have We Been ‘Dogged’?

  1. avatar Warwick V Carroll says:

    The son has shown himself to be unprincipled, unreliable and dishonest. He is not to betrusted.
    This sort of behavior gets around very quickly, especially in a small town and the fellow will come to rue the day he performed this confidence trick, and that is what it is.
    The neighbours are also part of this trick.Most people are honest and would not be in such a game and simply will not trust him or them.

    He’s a dog, but he’s acted like a bitch.

  2. avatar Christine Jensen says:

    Further proof that agents should be paid for the work they do, sale or not.
    Not on a figure based on the value of the property after sale achieved.

  3. avatar Darren Dorchestor says:

    How sad that a “hard working” estate agent didn’t get his well earned $15,000. He would have wasted a days effort for nothing!

  4. Greig Metcalfe Greig Metcalfe says:

    Yes very sad in that the real estate sales person travels to the village on his weekend off – puts up signs, conducts open homes, shows by appointment, all in a market place where very few properties sell. This market place is not Auckland and yes you are right the sales person is very hard working, honest and true.

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