Hamilton and NZ Larger City Housing Statistics for October 2013


Comments:  Only Dunedin achieved an  increase in sales in October. All other major cities suffered a decrease ranging from -26%  to -1%. Maybe  Graeme Wheeler policies are having an affect.

All Major Cities October 2013


Comments: I thought it was interesting to note how the ‘booms’ and ‘busts’ in the housing sales market have followed a reasonably consistent pattern since 1995. A high in 1995 dropping in 2000, five years later, to a low. Three years later a high again in 2003.  7 years later  2010, another low and then another trend upwards  followed by a drop in October this year . Maybe we shouldn’t take too much notice of this. With any luck it’s just a hiccup and the upward trend will come back in November and continue on, healthily, in the right direction.

Rise and fall of sales from 1995 to 2013 October 2013


Comments:  Although there was a steady rise in sales from February through to May the market seems to have settled over the  last few months. October 2013 about 2% down compared with October 2012.

Median sale prices  have increased over the last 12 months showing an increase of nearly 7% in October 2013 over October 2012.

#Sold and Days to Sell October 2013

Median Sale Prices Each Month Over Last Year October 2013

Comment: There has been extensive drop in the number of houses sold in Hamilton from October 2003 to October 2013.  in fact 85 %. The lower number sold the longer it has taken to sell them, in most cases.

The Median Sale price in October 2013 around 50% greater than October 2003.

Sold and Days to sell October 2003 - 2013

Median Sale Prices 2003 - 2013 October


Comment: The number of sales in each suburb are  consistent in that the top  4 keep holding their place. Likewise with median prices.

Suburban Sales October 2013

Suburban Median Prices October 2013




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