The Haka

As a Real Estate Salesperson I often need to motivate myself.  It  makes me feel good when I’m inspired by an event or an idea.  It helps to keep me going and to keep me on track.

Being a great armchair sportsman, I always enjoy watching the All Blacks doing the Haka, especially before the big games.

I found this interpretation of the Haka which I thought I would share with you.  I don’t know who wrote it or when.

It embodies a meaning which appeals to me.  A winning All Black Team is a great inspiration and a source of pride for us all.

“We are the All Blacks, of the New Zealand people”

“We stand on this field arrayed for battle”

“At our backs we feel the might of tradition wrought by those who have gone before”

“Over our hearts we bear the Silver Fern, emblem of mana to die for”

“This challenge is now thrown out to you.  Take it if you dare for we will not withhold ourselves this day and the faint of heart will surely be lost”

Whiti te ra!  Hi!

The maori phrase Whiti te ra!  Hi! is translated as

The sun shines!  Rise!

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