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School Zoning Tab on Realestate Web! Great News!

School zoning has been very profitable for agents. And tricky, as zones change. Well done team, this is a great feature mums and dads will love!Untitledbbb

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A For Apartments: Auckland’s Solution.

Like it or not, density has to go up. The”more road” solution is proven to fail, worldwide. Photo, Jason Langley.2B0F60C300000578-0-image-m-42_1438627612337

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Small Sections a Help to Auckland?

Housing shortage and urban sprawl solution? Tainui Tce in Mount Cook, Wellington, includes 4 houses on 106 square metre sections! I know because I sold one once. One of them has a 90 m2, 2 story house on it. Everyone is happy, & have been for 140 years. So why the 250 to 400 m2 requirements these days? It’ s either small freehold sections, or planners will need to start looking at trailer parks – like other developed countries have! resized_1137541737_2d42e36932df4f4a8003ce2edc285c1a tommap-aerial-image-2700466467925372333

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Buyers will consider rates, & indebtedness of Authorities

For a long time US statistics for buyers have emphasized  “property taxes” & the solvency of local authorities in comparisons of various sorts.

Till recently I thought this somewhat unnecessary for New Zealand whereI felt all authorities run the same more or less, and the rates not hugely different, and imagined buyers thought the same.

But look now;  would you like to buy real estate in Kaipara with $19,000 of debt for every citizen? And Dunedin  looks to have major issues…. including a $220 million stadium that I believe has not generated a cent of income in its first half year! Neither Elton John nor the World Cup Rugby paid to use it.

I think buyers will consider these things when moving now.

So authorities that have been profligate may drive a nail into that areas future prospects. A sobering thought.

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Wellington’s Crumbling History

This lovely characteristic merchants’ villa lies neglected metres from Parliament. Looks like its future is…demolition.

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NEVER, ever, be allowed this now!

This Eastbourne 8 storey residential ’60’s highrise looms over the Village. It  stoops brutally over the whole, pretty seaside township, and the wharf and beach. Building looks pretty here, in the twilight glow. Unimaginable opposition if you even talked of building it now!A town planning tragedy. Suspect strings may have been pulled, even back then this was inappropriate.

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Housing Quality Goes Backwards.

First we showed our ability to design, consent and  build leaky houses in the late 20th century. Now in the 21st we consent subdivisions and build houses , in fact whole streets of houses that can’t survive a reasonable earthquake. ( Be aware, this was NOT the big one.)

Despite the choking  and costly regulation  house building is done under now, the recent houses we see in Christchurch have often failed, hugely. My brothers 100 year old villa is fine. What is learnt?

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Martinborough Wine Village..its Wellington too!

Heres the cool new winery at Cabbage tree Vinyard. Iconoclastic, ripe,  often high alchol  variations on what is often a rather look alike bunch of high quality Wairarapa wines.

Cabbage Tree Vineyard Winery

I have just listed for sale 22 acres with 3 houses & consent for 60 sections here on the other side of the village. RV $1.5 million. View it here ; Colins Latest Listing.

And  the Wellington connection? The Wairarapa comes under the Wellington Regional council.

And it takes less time to get there than get across Auckland city! We find this amusing.

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Mount Eden Prison 2X Allowed Height

Yes, 30 metres high, in an area you or I could go to 15 metres. Visible from motorway.
Two great quotes!

” The prison was passed in the “dearest” Helen Clark years. Council wanted 4 levels but Helen & Goff- who was Corrections Minister at the time- bulldozed it through . The documentation is clear. This communist style monstrosity is a fitting tribute to the Clark years’


” Its an eysore, a a monstrosity, a blight on the landscape. So it fits nicely into the architectural plan of Auckland.”

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