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1968- A 10,000 Pound Building Consent Cost – 28 Pounds!

Take that, you four wheel drive driving, $100,000 pa salaried, fancy officed, Resource Management Act  incanting and District Scheme quoting councils! Permits were 0.28% of the cost of the work! and it probably was better built, too!

consent fees

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What a Great Job I Have!

I had an hour to fill before a tender closed last weekPicture 251. Cool clear Wellington morning. Getting exercise, and delivering Christmas cards in Pukitero Avenue Northland. Add this view: who could have a better job than me. He he; taken on a phone my daughters would scorn to own! Looks good enough to me!

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Auckland Buyers Storm Wellington?

In the last week I have had three offers from Auckland investors: one has bought this beauty in Thorndon from me. Way over its silly RV of $1,050,000. Yielding over 6%, on a lovely 550 m2 section in a great street in Thorndon ( Burnell Avenuemain). Bought without physical inspection though the buyer knew the property and carried out full diligence. The other two offers were made sight unseen also. I’ve rarely  had even one offer like that in 26 years real estate. A trend or an anomaly?

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Economist Renowned for Wise Predictions Ticks Wellington.

“Wellington offered good opportunities for investors, first home buyers, and people looking to free up cash outside Auckland,”  Tony Alexander Chief economist of the BNZ said last week.

“If you gave me $10 million and said go forth and buy a bunch of houses you reckon will produce the best capital gains in the next five years, where would I look? I would sink it into Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga and a bit in Nelson.”

He expected to see a lot of talk soon about the good city life which Wellington offered.IMG_0460

“The ability to buy a reasonably priced house to raise a family, the fact few head offices are planning to shoot north now, the coming long-term benefits of the Transmission Gully Motorway, IT sector, culture, runway lengthening and the film sector.”


A local  Wellington real estate manager Marty Scott said in a newspaper interview:

“Wellington is looking like a good destination for investors in terms of price and yield”.  However he questioned if the growth was driven by out of town investors. He believed it was mostly Wellington buyers. “Currently about 15 per cent of buyers were from outside of the capital and about 3 per cent from overseas. In the last 3 months there had been no shift in these numbers”, he said.

Grow Wellington chief executive Gerard Quinn said there were plenty of job opportunities in the capital, particularly in the strong tech sector.

“With a vibrant city, excellent public transport and easily accessible coastline, the Wellington region offers so much more than lower house prices.”

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Small Sections a Help to Auckland?

Housing shortage and urban sprawl solution? Tainui Tce in Mount Cook, Wellington, includes 4 houses on 106 square metre sections! I know because I sold one once. One of them has a 90 m2, 2 story house on it. Everyone is happy, & have been for 140 years. So why the 250 to 400 m2 requirements these days? It’ s either small freehold sections, or planners will need to start looking at trailer parks – like other developed countries have! resized_1137541737_2d42e36932df4f4a8003ce2edc285c1a tommap-aerial-image-2700466467925372333

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Best Spa Pool Location Over Wellington Harbour?


In front of the master bedroom. On the Penthouse, 6th floor. Overlooking Chaffers Marina and the award winning new Clyde Wharf Apartments. Snow on the Tararuas in winter as a distant backdrop. I can sell you it: Rateable Value $3,500,000. You can see more here:

Click on the panorama below to be stunned by the image quality, & the view!

main pic

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Wellington Knows How to Do It

Tim buys a drycleaners in upper Cuba street, makes it into a relaxed  bar  and music venue, some would say hip. And never removes the old signage. Very very cool marketing statement. WPicture 002onderful Wellington.

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Just Needs Alice and a Mad Hatter

I was out delivering fliers in Northland, Wellington. Came on this lovely scene. Toadstools, empty chair, big floppy eared rabbit 150420132018 in the cage at back of the daised lawn…the stuff tales are made from.

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Wellington “Traffic Calming Device”

In Owhiro Bay, this carefully placed safety rockIMG_1331 helped an errant motorist stop, and not go further off the coastal road. And maybe helped teach them to go a bit slower. Seen on caravan while down there on Wellingtons wild South Coast

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Maungaraki a Real Estate Sleeper

Few Wellingtonians evan know where it is ( above Petone.) High incomes, great community spirit &  excellent neighbourhood shops. 13 minuits to Wellington CBD, no power lines obstructing awesome views. Honest 60’s houses. My pick for “undervalued in Wellington.” I was recently involved in the sale of a  3 bedroom home, with garage and workshopIMG_0096, flat sunny safe lawn, view like this ….$380,000!

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