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Best Spa Pool Location Over Wellington Harbour?


In front of the master bedroom. On the Penthouse, 6th floor. Overlooking Chaffers Marina and the award winning new Clyde Wharf Apartments. Snow on the Tararuas in winter as a distant backdrop. I can sell you it: Rateable Value $3,500,000. You can see more here:

Click on the panorama below to be stunned by the image quality, & the view!

main pic

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Stadium Garden Apartments THE hot complex at moment

Stadium Gardens  Wellington got a new Code Compliance Certificate after remediation work, on American Independence day 2013.  Owners had pent up sales plans as while under dispute & repair, sales were virtually impossible for some years. SONY DSC SONY DSC 2 034 - Open2view ID270982 - Thorndon Quay 107 lvl 2 SONY DSC SONY DSCSince then there have been 23 sales from 67 units. Great location, outlook & value are the reasons for popularity. I am pleased to have been involved in a good number of these sales.

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Stadium Gardens Apartments, Thorndon. News page for Owners & Buyers

I have established a page to compile news on sales now this $40 million building is coming out of remediation. View at

The Atrium, Stadium Gardens

The lovely Atrium, Stadium Gardens

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Stadium Gardens: Milestone comes out from Weathertightness hell

I and everyone else are pleased to see Stadium Gardens Apartments coming back to life. A large conversion near the Wellington  Railway station and, you guessed it…the stadium. Years of litigation. A rumoured $10m payout, some from council. First time back there  for me, for maybe 6 years, last week. Repairs not finished on one side, but the other is back to normal.

As the photos show, I was struck by the common areas. Forgotten how grand they are. An atrium in the middle that really works. Generous walkways. Max  who I met, one of the owners, looks after the amazing plants. If you get a chance, go look through.













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Best apartment for sale in Wellington

Overlooking Chaffers Marina, the city & harbour. New on market: $3.5million buys it. Call me.

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NEVER, ever, be allowed this now!

This Eastbourne 8 storey residential ’60’s highrise looms over the Village. It  stoops brutally over the whole, pretty seaside township, and the wharf and beach. Building looks pretty here, in the twilight glow. Unimaginable opposition if you even talked of building it now!A town planning tragedy. Suspect strings may have been pulled, even back then this was inappropriate.

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Tattoo; 10 metre Mural

Great, concrete earthquake resitant design statement in Wellington. $327000 may still buy you one. Sunday Star Times last weekend. Completion about 10 weeks! Call me. 021 439 727

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Badmouthing Body Corporate Fees

Body corporate fees in perspective.

I find new prospective apartment buyers often balk at first learning that, in Wellington, body corporate fees on a reasonable size   (100 to 140 m 2) 3 bedroom apartment, valued at $ 500,000 to say $800 000 are typically $ 4000 to $8000 a year. Including a provision for maintanance, often based on a 10 year schedule, professionally prepared. The first buyer comment if coming from a house background is that they think that “a lot” .
Last night I saw it quoted that in NZ, the average homeowner spends $3000 a year on maintenance, but the true requirement ( calculated by some building authority) is actually $5000 a year. This is said to be one reason why most houses  in NZ are in not very good condition by world standards.
So if we assume a standard home is similar to the apartments I describe, in terms of usefulness and size, and the home owner adds things included in body corporate fees like window cleaning, maintenance supervision,  building insurance, water rates if applicable, rubbish collection, amenities like pools, tennis court and gyms as at The Lofts, Sanctum or Soho, lighting and grounds maintenance ( if applicable, as at say Sanctum or Blythswood) then the true cost of a body corporate fee can be seen more correctly.

There are economies of scale with apartments, balanced against  the extra cost of running the body corporate . And of course the reason many buy apartments is the convenience of not wanting to bother with these time consuming issues.
All these mean that body corporate fee is generally a great deal!

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Best Apartment Planting in Wellington

QBA Apartments , top of Cuba st. Beautiful job!





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Wgtn CBD Apartment & Inner Suburb House equal after 6 Years.

Real Life story. Apreciation the same. I appraised apartment at $470k, conservatively. They paid $265k, 6 years ago. Took owners  yesterday to Northland ( we call it inner suburban, 10 min to CBD)  house to see if they would buy it ( They want a family) . The owners of that house  paid $250k 6 years ago, spent $20k on kitchen & decks. That has new valuation @ @465k. When apartment owners turned up, it turned out they had looked at it but chose the apartment, 6 years ago!

So relative to each other, the same value increase.

So those that say apartments around Wellington do not get the capital gain houses do are proven wrong in this real life example.

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